Can smell the penthouse wood polish

Oh yes... 6 weeks to til the penthouse and my mind is wandering to this forum. This year has been thoroughly crap but it has been crap without smoking ... How much crapper it would have been had I been smoking too.

As a bonus I have lost 7lbs of the 28 I put on which means I will indeed have that cake in the penthouse...before Molly and I raise the roof.

Molly if you are still here you better have been practising you skipping for that final 6 weeks...?

Will post again in the 6 weeks just to acknowledge it but it is all but a formality now.... :-)


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  • Hi Paul,

    I'm so flipping proud of you. You have indeed had a rubbish year :(. . You've been tested again and again but you have remained strong and resolute. From a personal point of view, I honestly think that there is a good chance I would have slipped totally if not for you and a few others so I owe you an awful lot. You're a brilliant quit buddy and I am a lucky lady.

    Keep skipping sweetheart :D

    Molly x

  • Paul,

    Just to let you know - I'm working with the other Penthouse volunteers to clear space for you in a few weeks. We like to get a head start on projects like these, so that when you get here, everything is completely ready.

    We love doing things like this because it's such a joy to welcome a new resident. Congratulations on all your hard work, and we'll see you soon. :)

    You might want to pack a champagne glass. We do things like that.

  • Molly,

    That is sweet of you to say but you did this all your own and for yourself. I avoided this forum after realising I was spending way to much time on it and addiction is addiction ... Even to a quit smoking forum... Lol.

    But it has been an anchor when I've felt vulnerable and Weak. even though i Have not contributed much lately I have checked in to make sure you keep that quit.


    I will not be bringing the flute preferring to take it straight from the bottle...might pack a straw or something. If you could clear anything breakable from the penthouse cause we will be partying like it 'twas 1999.

    Max, you will be right behind Molly and me and I will apologise for the wreckage of a penthouse right have been a constant on this forum since I left and have been a rock for many many oldies and newbies alike... I do hope you are able to take support as well as always giving is bound to be exhausting...

    6 weeks... I never thought we'd make it Molly... I thought statistically one of us would fail.... But look at us.... We showed those statisticians where to stick it.


  • Hey Paul now dont you worry everything in the Penthouse is none breakable now and there is always more and more extensions being added to cope with all the wonderful people that have found that road to freedom Lostie

    we have had even more hottubs added on the balconies so you can sit sipping a drink and just gaze at some of the amazing views they are truly breathtaking

    oh and im looking forward to another party

    you can never have enough parties


  • :)Paul,

    I a few days behind you in heading to the penthouse. We have done so well over the last almost a year.

    There has been a few moments where in weaker times I'd have been reaching for the fag packet but I've resisted.

    Well done and where are the rest of us that quit around stoptober last year.

    Heres to the penthouse.

  • 4 days

    4 days to go and me and Molly will be knocking down your doors all you penthouse dwellers. Hope you have your clothes all laid out Molly and have taken into account the absurd amount of skipping that will be going skirt not advisable.

    I'm not sure what to do with myself on Saturday when it actually comes. I had said to myself a year ago when I stopped that if I still wanted one in a years time then I could have one... Obviously I shall not but it does leave me wondering what I can do to mark the occasion. I am thinking a just some nice food with family almost like a birthday tea...

    How does everyone else celebrate their anniversary of freedom ?


  • Hope you have your clothes all laid out Molly and have taken into account the absurd amount of skipping that will be going skirt not advisable.

    No mini skirt!!!! :eek: Darn it, I'll have to rethink my entire outfit now :rolleyes:

    By the way, you do realise that me skipping is going to register on the Richter Scale between 5 and 5.9 don't you Paul. I should warn everyone north of Peterborough before Saturday really :D

    Molly x

  • Did carol not post something up here and it vanished.... I hope it was Carol removed it and not some censorship... Anyways.

    Well if you wants wear the skirt and heels you can but remember bring the plaster for when you trip.

    I think I am just going to have some cake... I will buy it tomorrow afternoon... A cup of tea and cake. Not sure if I'm ageing really badly but that appeals to me more now than pints. Lol.

    I'm a wee bit excited about entering. Only a couple more sleeps. What time Molly did you stop at. I stopped early in the morning....


  • Hiya Paul,

    Yes, Carol did post something, I hope you're ok Carol? X

    My last cig before my main quit was about 9pm on 27th September.

    A cup of tea and some cake sounds brilliant! What kind of cake? Mine would have to be cheesecake yum yum

    Molly x

  • Nothing can beat a fresh Victoria sponge Molly.... Nothing.


  • Sorry for any confusion


    It was I



    Sorry "allo allo"

    Crept in there :p

    Anyway I did try to edit my post but because I'm using my phone I was struggling so thought it best to just delete it

    Reason was because I went off course :o

    Yes I know I do that alot anyway :rolleyes:

    Oh where's the cake

    And all cake is scrummy :p



  • Nothing can beat a fresh Victoria sponge Molly.... Nothing.





    Now that is a very special Yummy cake

    Darn it I've not had one of them for years though

    I tend to get distracted with other ones :rolleyes::p

  • Hiya Paul,

    My last cig before my main quit was about 9pm on 27th September.

    Molly x

    What's that. Say what...

    Does that not mean you go into the penthouse tomorrow Molly ? Like on the 27th... Oh wow... Keep me a good space Molly and don't go wrecking everything before I get to wade in.


  • LOL :D

    I think I'll just wait for tomorrow and enter with you if you don't mind. I always classed 28th as my quit date. I'm happy with it. Besides, we get to go together that way :)

  • made it!!

    1 year today!!! Feels great.

    I'm 4 stone lighter, fitter, stonger and loving the freedom. I action,cle 60 miles 3 times a week which is 60 more than I could as a smoker. Worth the hard days early on.

    Well done all the others who have made it with me. I would have broken without this forum in the 1st 6 weeks.

    (Lights an imaginary cigar... Chokes... Puts it out and berates himself for his innapropriate action, tries to think of some other symbolic ritual to signify the end.) Got it... But she's asleep and probably won't appreciate being woken and asked to sing for me ;)

  • foreverandex

    Congrats on 1 year today. Remember our early wobbles.. day 24.. yuk! Worth it now :)

  • Congrats Ican. Plenty room in the penthouse... Smashing job.

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