No Smoking Day
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help..the smell...cant take nomores!

was wondering if anyone else is struggling with friends/family that mum and sister both smoke and i see them quite often..

they have been very supportive , not smoking around me etc..the problem is they absolutely stink!..the smell of smoke is knocking me sick now.. i cant bare to sit next to them =(

my sister only smokes in her dressing gown but soaks into her hair!.

i actually sprayed my mum with perfume whilst out shopping the other day as i couldnt stand the smell. i know this all sounds really ott but i cant stand bad smells lol!

usually when i smell something bad i hunt it out , sort it and im happy.

and there's nothing i can do about this :'(

will i get used to it? i cant believe i used to smell like that, i feel quite ashamed that my poor fiance had to put up with me smelling like that for so long.

on the plus side it has made me realise how well ive done and how bad smoking is, something that soaks into your clothes and hair can never be a good thing can it.

lorna x

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I know Im only on day five and am now taking my car to get cleaned cause it smells soooooo bad. I notice everyone smoking and can smell it for a mile. I gather it gets better with time? But who knows? Time will tell!


Oh I definitely know what you mean!!

I was the only smoker in my family but really notice the smell on my friends who smoke, have to try to keep quiet 'cos it's so stinky. :eek: And like you say, we all used to smell like that - even though I didn't notice it on myself except just after having a fag. :(

Can't stand to smell people smoking even outdoors and am sure I can smell it from feet away when someone's been smoking. *blech*


I had trouble sleeping the other night because the smell was still on my pillow from before I quit. That smell sticks around for a long time. I had to wash everything to get rid of it. As a bonus, I have realized that I really like the smell of fresh clean laundry. My pillow and linens smell lovely now.


Just got back from the smoking Clinic, my carbon monoxide reading is down to two! happy happy happy feel as though Im getting there now :)


Just got back from the smoking Clinic, my carbon monoxide reading is down to two! happy happy happy feel as though Im getting there now :)

Tooshay you just gave me a heart attack! I read your carbon monoxide levels were down to two and not having seen your previous posts I wondered about your quit date... Jan 2012 from your signature. Two 'things' of CO a year in, wondered if you've been sucking exhaust fumes ;-)

Assuming its this month then well done, keep it going!:D


hi Hawkeye, ha ha what am I like! my Quit day was 26th DEC 2012,

Must have been having one of my senior moments, and I would happily sucked on a exhaust pipe in the first few days of my quit if there had been one handy.:rolleyes:


One of the best things about quitting for me has been return of sense of smell,very undervalued sense.We used to stink like that,can you believe how disgusting the smokers smell is :eek:

That's true and it makes me cringe that I used to stink like that!!

It really is a filthy habit :eek:


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