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Over the Top Mucus Nearly Two Months Later?

Hi Everyone :)

I'm new here. I stopped smoking nearly two months ago, got a cold a couple of weeks later, the cold lasted a week, but the mucus is still at silly levels! It's driving me crazy, and as much as I cough it up, it just keeeeeeps coming. :( I did some research and I see that mucus is a symptom of stopping smoking because of the cilia growing back, but how looooong will it be? :confused: I have at times had to really resist the temptation to have a smoke just to get rid of the mucus! But I haven't, so I'm pleased with myself for that lol. But does anyone know how long this is supposed to go on for?

Thanks v much in advance :)

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Afternoon Goldilox, and a big Welcome to the forum from me :)

Many congratulations on your two months quit. That's fantastic! I'm so glad you've come out of the shadows and joined the forum as you couldn't find a better or lovelier bunch of people. It's good to have a bunch of like-minded folk to share the journey with.

Re the mucus, I was much the same actually. In my case, I had cold after cold and even when not suffering from a cold I seemed to be clearing my throat, blowing my nose or coughing up phegm all the time especially at night. With me it went on for around 5 months in total and most irritating it was. What I suggest is that you run it by your GP or smoking cessation nurse just for peace of mind (and as Lostie says, they may be able to give you something to help a bit).

Either way, don't be tempted to lose your quit over it. All the symptoms pass in time and then you can really focus on the many positives. :)


Hi everyone :)

Wow, what a lovely warm welcome! :D Thank you so much for your replies. Much appreciated! I will try running it by my GP. Max414, I didn't have it before I stopped - in fact, I have to say, I'm finding breathing a little bit more hampered since I've stopped than it was while I was smoking. It feels like I am still smoking in that way. However, I have to add that I feel Fabulous that I've stopped in every other way. I absolutely love that I'm no longer a smoker, and keep appreciating that concept. :) You know that sort of slightly rattling feeling in your chest when you breathe - it's not strong, but it's faintly there in the background all the time. I didn't have that when I was smoking. So, I'll swing by my GP anyway and see if I can get something for it. Thank you all very much for the lovely welcome and replies! :)

And, wow, Skiddaw - that's really impressive and wonderful!!! :)


Hi Goldilox, well done on two months. I had this but it didn't start until a while into my quit, in fact it was after a cold - have you had one recently? It just appeared to be getting better but now I have another cold (last one not even gone) and there is mucus again! Horrible feeling and I'm constantly throat clearing and swallowing. I know how you feel and hope it improves soon. I think I will go to docs and ask for throat spray Lostie mentioned. :)


Hi Goldilox good to have you here, I cant help with the mucus Im afraid but re not being able to breathe properly and having a tight chest thats quite common in quitters iniatially as our lungs are repairing and feel a bit sore, also when we breathe as smokers we would inhale deeply, when you quit smoking you dont breathe like that anymore you breathe normally, I would suggest taking a few deep breaths every now and then and blow out, it really helps with a crave too, also a vicks vapur steam ( boiling water vivks, towel over head inhale) will help with the tight chest feeling, good luck xx


Hi Nicky39 :) Yes, with me it was after a cold as well. The rest of the cold symptoms left ages ago, and now it's just the mucus hanngggggin' about! :rolleyes: So sorry to hear you have the same problem - really hope it goes soon. I checked with the pharmacist today, and I'm taking the new Lemsip Max all in one - it has something in it I can't pronounce or remember how to spell that is supposed to help with mucus - the pharmacist said any medication that has that in it... hang on, I'll go and get the name in case anyone else wants to try it.... Okay, it's "Guaifenesin" - now you can see why I couldn't remember it! ;) She said that anything with that in it should help with mucus, and I happened to have some of these so I'm trying them. But if it continues, I'll go and see the GP to find out about the spray.

Hi Donna :)

Thanks v much for the reassurance - much appreciated! And thanks also for the advice - the Vicks idea sounds good - I will definitely do that, thanks. :)


Goldilox do you still have the mucus issue?


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