Giving it a 2nd try 5-6 months later

Plan on giving it another try Today is Friday and I want to Quit on Mother's Day. I last tried to quit late 2016 and make it almost 3 weeks. I need to quit. I am 69 years of age going on 70 and I have pseudoexfoliation glaucoma, as well as back problems and skin problems - it should help all of this. Need support starting Sunday, Mother's Day. Thanks

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  • Hello and welcome!

    You have come to the right place if you need support to quit! Everybody on here has used different quit methods and are at different stages. There is always somebody that can help.

    Post as often as you need to and we look forward to hearing from you on Sunday. ☺

  • Thanks Mushen. I need all the support I can get.

  • Lots of us on here have smoked for decades. Personally I smoked for so many years, there is barely a time that I can remember when I did not. My point is, that this is an achievable goal.

    Don't over think it or worry about it. You do have it within you to quit. 😃

  • So so true!!!

  • Karen..Congrats on your decision to quit...I am almost one decade behind you and wished I stopped 3 decades ago or never even started as a child...

    Life for us "older" quitters takes a dramatic change for the good...This is the time where you want to walk, even things because you can breath properly again...and there is blood running through the veins..Not an nicotine dilution...!!

    Please don't just try...Do it !!

    ( Have you ever had those cataracts removed)...There is such good technology these days..!!

  • Thanks for your support. Tomorrow is the day, be it a.m. or p.m. will be my last cigarette. I cannot have cataract surgery as this type of glaucoma which is called pseudoexfoliation causes problems during surgery. I need all the support I can get. I

  • Karen...You have got all our support...Pity to hear your glaucoma is that advanced..!!

  • Yes Karen, anyone who smokes needs to quit. Happy Mothers Day and best wishes with your quit.

  • Thanks for replying. I do hope I make it this time. No, I should say I will make it this time. I have to. I need all the support I can get.

  • Happy Mother's Day to you too. I feel completely derpressed; two weeks ago I had too give away my 8 year old shih and now it is less than 24 hours since I quite smoking and I could scream.

  • It is not going to be as easy this 2nd time as I thought. I feel still depressed from when I had to give away my 8 year old shih tzu 2 weeks ago (April 29) and now, no cigarettes. I cold pull my hair out.

  • This is so much harder the 2nd time. I am missing my 8 yr old shih tzu who I had to give away two weeks ago (April 29, 2017), and now I chose to quit>


  • I feel so depressed; missing 8 yr old shih tzu as well that I had to give away 2 weeks ago; I could actually scream today.

  • Hi Karen,

    Great decision, you've got a good reason or more to quit, have you got a plan? I honestly found it easier with a plan. You are in the right place here, I've never felt so supported in a major life decision.

    You can do this 😊

  • I plan on quitting either on Mother's Day or meaning having my last cigarette on that day. I have to make it this time. (health issues). Thanks for your support.

  • You are worth so much of your effort to do this. This is a wonderful place to find support and information, be strong, be focused and remember that you are can do this. There is a lady here who made me break it down... a minute, an hour, a day at a time 😊 be kind to you

  • Welcome to the forum Karen. Hope we can help you along the way.

  • Welcome karenmiles and congratulations on making the best decision of your life to quit - I promise, you will never regret it! I quit over 20 months ago cold turkey and never looked back :O Are you going it cold turkey or using some aids?

    Post anytime about anything and stay close to us, we are here to help and have all been at your big day of beginning your journey. Below is a link to some pinned posts that may be helpful if not already read

    PS Where are you from, just curious as we celebrated Mothers Day back in April? What a great motivational day to quit :)

  • Hi Karen.

    I'm an older quitter having smoked for 48 years and many failed attempts to quit. This time was different. My mindset was focused on what I had to gain from quitting, not how could I ever manage without my cigs.

    Taking it 1 day at a time helped to make it achievable, and the support and encouragement from everyone here kept me going. Ten weeks in and I can honestly say that I have never felt better.

    Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow (Canada?)! Make it the day you start living smoke free!

  • Hey I smoked like a chimney all I could for 40 plus years I never in my life did I think any other than will they burie me with cigarettes I needed them that much. Give it all you got there not worth it

  • Hey karenmiles , how are you getting on? Did you begin your new journey, look forward to hearing from you :)

  • Not so hot; I had last one at 10:00 p.m., last night and now it is 2:00 p.m. and I feel depressed . I never did mention that I had to give away my 8 year old Shih Tzu on April 29 2017, so, my attempt to quit smoking has only been made harder. Thanks for support

  • Ah karenmiles please stay close to us and post anytime about anything. I would recommend doing up your day 1 post if you are up for it as the encouragement and motivation is key in our quits and really makes all the difference as you won't feel as alone on your journey.

    That depression feeling (like mourning a loss of a loved one) is perfectly normal will be magnified a thousand times more if other things are going on in our lives that are stressful. Sorry to read about your dear pet, were he/she sick?

    Keep yourself busy, lots of water, bit of exercise and read up on addiction, even if just other members journeys here (just key in a word on any concerns or queries you may have on the search field on the top right hand side of this page

  • I see you have replied to a few comments Karen, maybe create a new post on how you are getting on as they won't be seen in this post on the news feed as it an old post (sorry if not making sense)

  • Hey karenmiles day 3 today! Nicotine will be out of your system by end of today if going cold turkey.

    Hope things are improving, again, can't recommend enough the progress posts - good or bad they are very beneficial in our journeys :)

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