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my 1st month nearly over

Well tomorrow it will be a month since i have given up.

This passed few days i have been feeling fantastic and no longer suffering with a bad throat or stomach problems. I am also not feeling hungry all the time and the weight i put on is now coming off itself. My sleeping has now gone back to normal although i am needing less and have so much more energy.

I hope this encourages people to keep going because it does get easier and the only craves i am experiencing are when i am doing something for the first time that i would have smoked with before. :D

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Hi Given-up

So the 1st month done and dusted Congratulations

I'm pleased to hear that things are getting back to normal for you with few craveings well done


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Givenup,

First month over thats great, Well done:)



Hi Givenup,

Congratulations on completing the first month. You have every right to feel good about yourself, well done.



Well done, you are talking in months now.

I wish you many more smoke-free months.



Hi Givenup, (great name), well done on your one month quit, thats fantastic, keep going and take care, x



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