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Hello to you all

Hi all, My name is Lloyd and I have just gotten my first pack of Champix. Im 39, 3 lovely kids and my DW.

I smoke 20/25 a day and have done since I was 14 (oh my 25 years)....

I am planning to start the Champix this week but cant at the moment as I have a bad stomach (wont go into detail)...

I am really nervous as I've tried Ecigs, Patches and the like and still carried on. I also smoke the occasional joint (not sure if im allowed to say that), but im also quitting that when I finally pluck up the courage to pick my quit day. The pills have come in a pack that look like my DW contraceptive pill with day 1 - 1 pill, day 2 1 pill etc....Is that normal? Its certainly welcome.

I've got 2 weeks worth and need to go back to see the nurse before I run out. I am determined to do this as im sick of waking up and coughing up the gross white stuff (as you do)....Im sure I will be on here more for support as I build up the courage to start this ride.......Scream if you wanna go faster

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Hello and a very big welcome from me.

Great to have you with us, you may surprise your self, we are here to help.

Please post and read often.

Sending a bit of luck your way.

PS I,m nearly six months in had a prob this morning, posted before work, got home lovely replies, really keeps me motivated.

I also remember being a little scared, although nothing happens it great , just try:)


Hey Lloyd, welcome aboard! This place has been instrumental for me in my quits, even though I have failed a fair few I wouldn't have lasted as long as I did without the help and support of lovely people on here, look forward to your day 1 post, good luck mate x


Hello, good evening and welcome :)


I also used Champix. Started taking the pills 10 days before quit date.

I remember forcing myself to smoke although I didn't want to because that was the instructions. Lol.

The initial stages were quite straightforward and I hope you find it the same, but what made it stick was education and knowledge. Use the forum and its resources well and you can't go wrong.

It's now 6 years and 6 days since I took nicotine. And if I can do it, anyone can... I was the king of excuses.


Thanks all for the welcome. I have decided that Monday is going to be my Day 1. Simple reason (and not an excuse as im actually looking forward to it) is that I am having to work at my bootsale on Sunday (I don't normally run it, my manager does but he is away this week). So I wont be able to eat much or drink much on Sunday. I don't want to be in a position where I feel so ill from the pills as I haven't eaten or drunk anything that I cant work.

So Monday morning, I will be sure to eat a good breakfast and drink lots and then take the little blue pill (I sound like im leaving the Matrix)....;)


Welcome and good luck Lloyd. Well done for finding and joining this forum as you will get some great support here. :):)


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