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No Smoking Day
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hello all nice to meet you

Hello there, just only found this forum and thought I join after reading all the previous threads. I have stopped just over five weeks ago and found it OK. I am so glad I'm of the evil ciggies but am worrying about my weight gain. A stone in five weeks is so not good. However I will not use that as an excuse to ever start smoking again. Anyone else has the same problem? Anyway nice to meet you all

and I hope I'll do as well as you do. X

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Hi Ulrika and welcome the the forum. Huge congrats on getting to 5 weeks that's HUGE!

Weight gain is normal and you should settle back to your normal weight within the year so I wouldn't worry about it too much for now.

Looking forward to your posts x


Ah thanks x that put my mind to rest x


Welcome 5 week's well done:D


Hello and a warm welcome from me! Yes just to echo what others have said, it's quite normal to gain weight but it will settle.

Great to have you with us 5 weeks awesome:)


Ditto all of the above, Ulrika, and a big welcome from me to the forum. :)

If it is any consolation to you, it does come off. In fact, I'm 3.5 stone lighter since quitting than I was before I started (all that extra time on my hands meant I took heaps more exercise and it all went from there) and am now at my target weight so it does happen eventually.

The main thing is that you've quit- as has been said many times, you would need to put on LOADS of weight for the effects on your health to be as serious as smoking- and to have managed 5 whole weeks is fantastic! Well done you (and eat exactly what you want for the time being say I). :D


Allo Ulrika, welcome to the forum !

And I have EXACTLY the same problem ! :D

Just that I'm not that advanced in fixing the weight gain yet, being just 5 weeks free like yourself, put on 2+ kgs.

I try to cycle and exercise to keep the weight gain manageable but if push come shove, I'll keep my quit, and fix the weight issue later ! :D


Hi Ulrika and welcome. Five weeks is brilliant and this forum will help you stay quit. Good luck :)

Don't worry about the weight, I have gained too but I don't know how much as I have chosen to avoid scales for now, I have increased exercise with a little cycling and some walking (I was a couch potato previously:D)


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