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Hello everybody. As I can now have access to the forum I can update people. My name is rob and I decided to quit smoking on the 30th. I have been a smoker for the last 20 years and have failed to quit several times in the past. I am determined to give up for life now hence my username. I am finding it very difficult to keep my mind on other things as the nicdemon keeps on at me. I am humbled by reading other posts the last several days and this has definitely helped, and as I have read so much, am trying to take things a day at a time, or even a crave at a time. I will update when I have time and will keep on reading other posts to help me through. Finally I want to get to know about these rooms and this penthouse party is all about

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  • Welcome aboard again Rob :)

    Hope you find this place as useful as I have :)

  • Hiya Rob and well done that man, best decision of your life x

  • Hiii Rob

    Sending you glitter from another quitter :D

    are you using any NRT or are you going cold turkey?

    All the best in your quit

  • Hello and a warm welcome from me, open the door sit down and let's get cracking with your quit, we are indeed a friendly bunch, and so many people have a wealth of knowledge, so please any probs just post, usually someone around to help

    Great to have you with us.

  • Good stuff. Well done for getting this far.What quit method are you using?

  • Hi Rob ,welcome to your successful quit :)

  • Thanks for all the welcome posts everybody, having this kind of support will make it much easier to be a lifer. I have gone CT, and as some motivation I will be entering into a half marathon in march and will start training tomorrow

  • Greetings Rob, good choice on the quit and best of luck with the training. I've dug my trainers out of the back of the cupboard and having a bit of a go on the running. I never quite got round to it when on the smokes, and find it a good distraction now

  • Yeah I bet it is the same one

  • Hi Rob :)

    Sorry it has taken so long for you to have permission to post. As Max says, there are some teething problems with the current format (:rolleyes:) and it is indeed lovely to see you here with us at last. Many congratulations from me on your mighty achievement so far- if you keep this up you'll be shooting through the rooms like the star you clearly are. :D

    As Karri says, I'm running the Reading half-marathon in March. Which one are you running? We really must compare notes. Bet you're heaps faster than me...:o

    (edited to say: Ooh! From your profile you're a fellow Readingite! Looks like we're in the same half-marathon then. Cool!!)

  • Hi skiddaw, yeah it will be the reading half marathon in march. I thought there was only one. I will start training tomorrow, so unless you run like a tortoise you're probably the hare! Do you run normally? I will also have to get my head around all of these rooms as well. It probably doesn't help that I have only been on here on my mobile.

    Just thinking, has been first day back at work today and although I have been craving alot of the day/had smoking one alot on my mind, I have still stuck at it (I normally smoke several at work), anyway I'm rambling now!

  • Hi Andrew. Yes before I started smoking/in my early years of smoking I used to run all the time but since then I haven't so it will be good to see how unfit I have got!

  • Hi Rob, welcome to the forum and pleased to see you are at last able to post. Very well done on your quit so far.

    I took up running again after I quit. Definitely help beat a few craves in the early days. Good luck with the half-marathon.

  • Hi Sally, good to speak to you finally without bring limited to no. Of characters lol! I feel so determined to go the whole way and if it means I get fitter along the way then I suppose it can't be a bad thing?

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