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No Smoking Day
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Hello all, new here! Glad to have found you!

Hi to all who reads me,

New to the site, and glad such forum exists as i have not long returned from the stop smoking nurse with my second script for Champix which i am very impressed with.

I started the Champix a week ago Monday (9/2/09) and i chose my stop day as day 10 which was yesterday (Wed 18th) but i actually didn't have any desire to buy any on Tuesday when i fiished a pack after lunch.

I haven't found it difficult at all so far but i have to say i have been so fed up and have felt so very trapped by the addiction to the chemical side of smoking and also the deadly 'routine' that is ingrained into my life after all these yrs of puffing away.

I did expect to feel the 'pull' of addiction on the 'ritual ciggies' which for me are the morning ciggy with the cup of tea and the one i will probably always miss.....the one after dinner.

So it's been 2 and a half days for me now and i feel really confident and not feeling stressed/anxious/irritable or otherwise.

I am very fortunate to not have any of the cr@ppy side effects that Champix seem to give to a good percentage of ppl, it does make for a smoother ride but i better not jinx myself..............

Anyway through fear of rambling tara for now........ :D

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Hello Rebecca

Welcome to the forum!! keep posting, and keep reading -some good tips on here xxx


Hi Rebecca

Welcome to the forum I also used champix to help me quit and had no problems with it just a little nausea at first but after that it was great

You are doing great as Shabba says keep reading there are some great links on here just click on them and read as much as you can it really helps

Good Luck



Thought i'd hi-jack your post too :P

I'm starting to wish my doc give me champix instead. Last night wasn't fun waking up every hour having the most odd dreams too. Also been feeling very sick most of today and have no appetite. I'm not sure if it's because the dose has gone up but i daren't risk lowering it.

Getting a bit of road rage too lol :S


hi rebecca and wellcome,and congrates on your quit ,,its the best thing you have ever done in your life,,you must read all you can and try to understand why you smoked,, and why you went to stop,,keep your mind focus at all times,,and never drop your gaurd,,because the little ba----ds will creap up on you and say ,,just have one it wount hurt,,,thats a no no,,just you keep the faith tony keep:D:D:D



hi rebecca, i am doing champix too, i quit friday night and had a really emotional day today...nothing to do with giving up the cigs and i havent even felt the urge....champix is wonderful in my eyes..

well done its a very strange feeling though isnt it.....not to have a physical craving.

as tony says keep reading this is all i have been doing especially with half term...and my 3 lovely boys at home killing each other and wrecking the place...but i have read alot this week the links from peeps signatures.

well done xx


Welcome on board Rebecca! You've done the right thing logging on here - I've just hit my first month free of cigs today and I'm certain the forum is the thing that has made the difference.

Hope it goes well... we're all here if you need some support!



Thanks for all your replies!!!!

Well i'm on day 3 now (and a half if you include tues from 1.30pm)

and i'm feeling really good about things.

I haven't had a craving so far and cigarettes are not taking up any brain space.

I don't miss it either but i won't count my chickens yet :rolleyes:

I don't know if i should post this on day three but i thought i'd keep my thread entries together.......

My OH had a ciggy out the back earlier and i could smell him a mile off........ it's stank!!!

I remember the smell turning my stomach the last time i stopped, but i hope i don't turn into one of those opinionated reformed smokers......:(

So has anyone else had a good (or bad) day???????


So has anyone else had a good (or bad) day???????



Hope your hangover has gone now Cavalier.......................;)

Day 4 and still feeling good, not craving at all, was nice to go to a park with my OH and son and not have to spark up............always felt embarassed to smoke in public round my boy. It was odd seeing others smoke today, i felt sorry for them. Sorry that they were trapped in their addiction and that some of them probably couldn't give a monkeys....

it's now 10 25pm and i have forgotten to take the evening pill so i won't bother now.....

I do still feel very positive today. :D


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