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Hello all

:o well i am almost at the end of day 4 and i am still had a few cravings today, and i am hoping that tomorrow might be a bit easier. Anyone ever get a sore throat when they quit?.. i tried once before to quit and i seem to remember getting a sore throat, hummmm my body fighting back maybe! :eek: anyways i have been reading some of the stories on here and people are very supportive to each other, and thats great, nice to have a support when one is giving up these nasty things. anyways i guess thats all for now, have to go to bed soon, so i can stop thinking about those damm smokes...:(

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Morning Hope

I have not got a sore throat yet but do have a cough. Not a bad one.

Congrats on day 4. Keep up the good work.You WILL GET ALOT OF SUPPORT ON HERE. Everyone is great.

Barb x


Day 4 already! nice one well done x x

Oh the old sore throat thing is very very common! many get a cold and cough too! if you do a search for 'sore throat' i bet you'll get a load of hits!

Theres a layer of tar and stuff in your lungs, now your no longer smoking it is ready to remove itself and your body needs to expel it.

Nice huh?! :D

Keep up your good work ~Buffy x


morning !

Thanx for your support guys, it somehow helps knowing there are people out there suffering with and don't ask me how i did this, but i miscounted the days its been sense i quit.... :confused: today will be day 6 not day 5... you know what they say... time flies when your having fun...:D My daughter just called and i told her i have a sore throat and she said ya well just imagine what you would be going threw in a few years if you didn't quit now . How did she get so dam no neither one of my kids smoke thank God.My kids are 25 and 23 and i have 3 grand babies... 6 ...4...3 , they are my biggest inspiration. :)


Hehe yeah she's pretty smart alright :D

I am so glad i have quit before it became necessary to for health reasons!

Kids are an eye opener aren't they? grats on the grandkids you must feel very proud x x ~Buffy


Well done Hope! Getting to day four is fantastic and the good thing is it gets easier with each day. I had a horrible day 3 and since then (I'm now on day 12!!!!!) I've felt fine. Yes still get the odd craving but would rather have that than go back on the cigs.

Your doing all the right things - keep posting here, bed early, deep breathing - do whatever you need to do to get over those horrible times.

Keep strong!




Hi Hope

Well done yor doing great almost day 7 now one week. Three grankids thats great I have one she keeps me on my toes they are really great arnt they. keep up the good work hope Love Linda xxx


almost lost it today

well today turned out to be ok, i went to work for 9 hours and felt pretty shitty for most of it, i have a cold or maybe just withdraw, not sure, but i figured i felt so shitty i may as well come home and have a smoke after work, lord knows i couldn't feel any worse. But now that i am home and gave it some thought, and read what you guys have to say, and decided not to light one up , not today anyways, and hopefully not tomorrow, one day at a time for now. i want to thank you guys for all your kind words and your support, it means alot to people like me to know that we are not suffering as funny as that sounds its the truth... ty again all and goodnight... Hope :)


Morning Hope

So glad you didnt cave in because you have done the worse week. There will be times when you feel shitty but mostly things start to get much better from now on. Keep coming on for support its saved me many times we are all in the same boat and know how you feel. Keep strong Love Linda xxx


Well Done Hope x x x x

That's how the hour by hour rule works, always give yourself at least an hour before allowing yourself to give in, more often than not by the time you get there, you feel different and don't want to smoke again.

It is amazing, the difference an hour makes :)

Onwards and upwards, hour by hour ~Buffy x x


you are amazing!

Well done Hope-you are doing so well. There may be a few bad days but they will get easier to cope with as you go along. You should feel very proud of yourself for what you are achieving. Good luck and keep up the great work! xxxxxxxMaz;)



:( omg can be really be this hard.... i never realized how bad this was going to be.... one minute i think i can do this and the next i am ready to smoke again. maybe some of us are just not good theres a i swear my addiction has a voice and there it is....:eek: makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time that also withdraw???? i dont know anymore, all i know right now is that i need a nap... thats it!! if i could go to sleep and stay asleep for about one year i would have this thing beat...well i am going to watch alittle tube and try my best not to chew the arm of the couch later all... one more hour ... one more hour..... slowly going crazy .. 5... 4...3... 2.....1 :D ( i guess i haven't lost my ability to smile yet, so thats a good sign huh....:)



Take a deep breath, think of something to do and do it x x

Breathing exercises are good for relaxing if you can. Maybe you could try taking up something new to occupy yourself? drawing, knitting, walking, cycling endless list lol

More importantly, I do hope you have been treating yourself for not smoking?!

It's important to reward yourself you should have extra money now, keep track of it and go on a guilt free shopping trip!

Sounds your doing well to me if you going mad only slowly :D

Hour by hour, onwards and upwards, doing so well good on you x x~Buffy x x


Still alive... :)

Morning all, hows things going? i am still not smoking, had a bad one yesterday , almost picked one up , but decided to take a trip to the drugstore for something to take the edge off, doing this cold turkey is almost like some form of torture..i got these lozenges called Resolve anyone ever hear of them ? anyways i am going to give them a try.Not to much to say so i will check back with you guys later. have a good day and stay strong.. :)


Cold Turkey is never any good (except maybe at christmas with some hot mustard! :D )

Do whatever you can that helps, NRT, exercise, new hobby, whatever it takes to help you.

Sitting at home just twiddling your thumbs is a no no! Keep yourself busy and your mind off the tobacco.

Best of luck!


well done hang on in there ~Buffy x x


Hi to you Hope.

I havn`t heard of the lozenges. Let us know how it goes.

You will have good and bad days,but the bad days are worth it in the end.

Keep it up.

Barb x


Hi Hope

So glad your still with us things will get better. Keep strong Love Linda xxx


crashed and burned :(

Well i am not sure what to say except i gave into my cravings today, and i have decided that cold turkey is best left for sandwiches, i am not giving up totally on the quiting though, i have to do it, but i have to find a way to do it so its not quite so over whelming, maybe the patch or the gum, omg i don't know ,the only thing i know for sure right now is that i am really getting tired of thinking about it so much, gessh i need a brain vacation. :confused: for now i am just gonna try and go to sleep , been a long day and my grand babies are coming for a visit tomorrow, we are going to the zoo, and i cant wait to spend some time with them. so for now goodnight all and i wish you all the best with your own private hell with the smokes..may you be stronger then me at the end of the day.


Hi Hope

Dont worry yourself , you will give up when your ready.

I know how hard it is. Some people find it easy , others hard. I find it very hard at times. It is a real struggle.I am still not an ex-smoker. I`m a smoker giving up. Nrt has helped me and i hope you find the right thing for you.

Have a lovely day with Grandchildren ( i will be a grandparent on 17th or 18 th july ).

Take it easy and everyone is here to support you in your decision.

Barb x


Congratulations Barb!!!

We have our first one and what a joy she is. Forgot what it is like to have a baby around. Ours range from 25 to 18 so it's been quite awhile.




Is this your first grand baby Barb? nothing like being a Nana, its one of the greatest gifts. a women could ever receive. :)

K back to the smoking thing. i am still tying don't give up one me today is a new day and i am going to try my hardest not to smoke today, back to the one day at a time thing. So have a good day all ! i am going to the zoo !! :D



I did do you a long post here, hope, it's vanished :eek: must of forgot to click the submit button d'oh :rolleyes:

Not the first time i have done that! lol

Glad your carrying on though x x my post was referring to starting again so is irrelevant if your carrying on.

It's not too late to get a cessation nurse, they can give you advice to suit your needs on a one to one basis and help advise you on quit aids.

It is best to get up, brush yourself down and carry on Well Done you x x

Have a great day at the zoo with your family x x

~Buffy x


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