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hello all

this is my latest attempt to give up smoking, i gave up at 11:30 pm last night and have been through a large amount of emotions, good and bad now im feeling as though i have to have a smoke, and that im not sure whether or not im going to succeed in giving up, i hope so because this is feeling like my last chance to give up, and any support from anybody would be highly appreciated :)

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Go on do it, it's not as hard as you think. Just tell yourself you won't smoke again ever because you don't want to. Why do you want to smoke?


its nice to have people build u up when u think ur going to fall, i was right to come on here thankyou annie, because as many people have there own critics and the biggest of all of them is urself i know this, and i must overcome this i will visit this website everyday to recieve reassurance like the post i just got to help me in my quest to give up smoking :D


Hi Sourlink

You have almost done 1 whole day hun, just hang in there. You have proved you can do it, i struggled like you at the beginning and Linda told me to just concentrate on getting through a minute or hour at a time, thats what i did and it helped loads.

The other thing that has helped loads on here is to read the links in Nic's signature is one of them which i found changed the way i looked a ciggys completely.

Hang in there and post often as that will help you loads.

Good Luck, keep us updated on how your doing.





thanks denise for the usefull tips, i did not expect so many replies so instanly, it feels as though theres always some1 there to help and to share the bad times and the good with me x


Hi there and welcome to the forum.

You describe this as your latest attempt, but you can make this the last one, the one that sticks.

I had tried so many times and failed, because I had not got my mind sorted. I know that I won't smoke again because I don't want to smoke.

If you can see quitting as a positive experience of gaining health wealth freedom or whatever, then its much easier than if you feel that you are making a sacrifice and depriving yourself of some great pleasure.

Have a read of the links in my signature, if you can understand the nuts and bolts of why you smoke, i.e. understand nicotine addiction, then you will be better prepared to deal with the ups and downs of quitting.

Post often and let us know how you are getting on. Stay strong, and you will be fine!!




I've realised that, if I smoke, the only person I will let down is me. Nobody I know really knows or cares as much as I do. Are you jealous of people you know that have stopped smoking? I am/was. Nobody here would judge you for smoking, we all would understand. It's like it owns you eh?


Hi mate welcome to the forum.

You have made one of the best decisions you will ever make.Yes quitting is hard but it can be made easier by using this forum as support.The people on here are so helpful and are all in it for the same reason,to rid themselves of this ball and chain we call smoking.So well done for deciding to quit and use the wealth of knowledge and support this forum provides.

Good Luck



thankyou all

i see now it was a good idea to register on this website, thankyou to all who are supporting me, it is greatly appreciated i never thought i would get this much positive feedback, please do keep supporting me and in return u will always have a supporter in me, any1 can give up smoking especialy with friends like all u x ;)


Hi Sourlink

Cant really say anymore than as already been said Just take things slow at first baby steps day by day hour by hour if need be. Welcome you can do this.xxxxxxxxx


Hi Sourlink, this is day 2 for me and I have found that the words and advice from the people on this forum are a fantastic help. You have made the best decision ever to stop, I have found staying off caffeine has helped (my third attempt). Keep posting and you'll realise you have loads of people with you. Keep strong.


Hi and welcome

i am on my second and last attempt to quit. It is very hard at first but does get easier, you may have your ups and downs but am sure the ups will out way the downs , keep coming on here because the support is fantastic

good luck. ROY


Hi Sourlink,

Welcome to the forum. You will get support on here from some great members. Get your head down and grit your teeth the first few days are hardest but it does get easier by the day. Keep yourself busy and do all the nagging things around the house you keep putting off, this helped me and give me a small sense of achievement.

Best of Luck and stay strong.




Good on you for making the initial step. I'm having good success, early days but with much needed freindly support both from here and from the local nhs support it's working. I'm finding NRT a great help, don't think I could manage cold turkey without eating my wifes head ....... hmmm, maybe I will go cold turkey after all :eek:



Welcome, just grit your teeth and perservere. I'm on day 8 and believe me it does get easier after that initial first few days. Didn't think I could do it but here I am and a lot of praise has to go to this forum - it keeps you focused on what you are doing and why you are doing it.


My first five days I was logging in and out of the forum all day - whenever I thought of cigarettes I logged in - just seeing other folks' postings make you realise there are loads of people out there doing the same as us and it really keeps you focused on why you are doing this.


Hello sourlink, and welcome. I can't really add to what the other guys have said, it's all great advice nonetheless!

One thing I will add to what Nic said, regarding understanding nicotine addiction, you should read Joel Spitzer's book. I'm finding it really helpful at the moment, not only to learn why we smoke, and what it does, but also to keep myself occupied when I feel the urge to go and have a cigarette. Here's the link: .

Take it easy nah!


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