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What's up everyone. I have smoked for. 8 years before last august I decided to quit. I used Tobacco Free Florida and lurked different forums, including this one, to read different stories and get inspiration.

Well I have made it one year. The las real craving I got was in May. And I did smoke a cigarette in my dream about 2 weeks ago. Just wanted to say thank you all for everything, sharing your stories and giving me motivation and I want to do the same for anyone else trying to do it.

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Hi Mike, so nice of you to drop by, how well you have done, brilliant:)

It douse inspire me o keep going

Thank you :)

Well done Mike. Whats Tobacco free Florida, is it like our ecig ?

How did u find your quit , easy, hard up and down ?


Tobacco Free Florida is a non profit organization here in the state of Florida(I'm from the USA) that helps you quit. They give you a quit coach that you can call when you need to talk and they call you periodically to check on you and see how you're doing. They also have local county chapters that you can join and in person support from a group setting.

I'm not going to lie. The quit was very difficult. All my friends smoke except for one. I couldn't sleep for the first week. I got sporadic cravings for the first 6 months. What kept me going was coming here reading the stories. Seeing people who smoked much longer than me who are much older than me quit successfully. I began to take pride in myself for being a non smoker. My friends would ask me how I managed to quit and it made me feel good knowing that they respected what I was trying to do. In a sense they helped keep me accountable because I wanted to show them that it could be done.

Now I don't even think about smoking on a day to day basis. I started working out and eating better and my friends and family have commented on my physique.

-side note: I also stopped drinking on thanksgiving day of last year in an effort to help with my quit of smoking and haven't had even a sip since. I haven't been to a bar or night club in this whole time also. But that time I spent partying I now spend in the gym and it works for me.

Oh what a good idea not an ecig then, Im such a wally. Why did u not post if u was struggling . Im so nosey by the way x

Idk. I was just lurking.

Congratulations, Mike!! Well done!! :)

Hi and well done Mike, all the 1 year plus posters are a great encouragement to those of us earlier in our quits. :)

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