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No Smoking Day
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1 year, 3 months and 21 days since I quit and it still hasn't gotten any easier.

First people told me that the cravings will ease down after a few weeks, a few months, a year, but there's so much stress in my life that I constantly find myself just wanting to take a fag break. Having just turned 18, I can actually buy them myself now too, so it has taken everything i've got not to go down to the shop and buy a pack to relieve some stress and it's just making it even worse. Damn myself for starting smoking at such a bad time in my life and becoming too reliant on it.

In your experience, how long did it take before the cravings truly died down?

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Welcome cvctus - I am just ahead of you quit cold turkey 18 months now and so surprised to read you are not reaping in the benefits after almost 16 months quit - are you using any nicotine replacement aids or doing it cold turkey? You should be strong to deal with any cravings which should be very rare now if you have been totally nicotine free after all this time?

After 6 months was when I was over the intense and frequent cravings, but everyone is different as have different things going on in their life and have nostalgic cravings too, I still come across random cravings and will do possibly for the rest of my life but I can cope and deal with them now and will continue to do so- keep fighting :)


Hello and welcome.

I have reached the 8 month mark and to be honest, don't really think about smoking much at all. Occasionally I have the odd passing thought but nothing more. However, we are all different.

Is it possible that you are looking back at smoking as a better activity than it actually was? You know how when you remember childhood summers you always seem to remember them being warmer than they actually were or are now? The thing is, having a cigarette does not affect the amount of stress at the time. The stress remains as it was both before, during and after we smoke. Smoking doesn't make stress go away.

Don't give in. You have come this far and unless you plan to smoke until you die then you are going to have to quit again at some point in the future. Quitting is a source of stress itself as you already know.

You are young. I smoked when I was young and it was a habit that continued on for decades. Don't be like me.

Stick with your quit. You can do it. ☺


Great post mushen.




I am past the 100 day mark and it has got very easy. I smoked for some 47 years. When I was 18 i wanted to set fire to the world so to speak. Career, uni, exams pressure pressure. I think it would be much harder at 18 than 62. My suggestion would be professional counseling, possibly using a Vap device. I have one rarely ever used it but it did come in handy when a craving ir trigger set off a craving. The other thing I did was where possible had a glass of water each time I felt like a cig. Hang in there and give yourself some credit. At 18 I was an idiot, You clearly are not. Keep taking each day as it comes.. I'm rooting for you



Super Reply Mike...Excellent...!!!Yes I also was and Idiot at that stage and the idiotism lasted 38 years....And fully agreed that you ,Cvctus are much more clever than we were to stop at 18....!!


Cvctus....Please accept the fact that smoking ulters your brain and make you believe that the only way you can be happy is to smoke...Nicotine is a very potent drug and hijack your Happy chemical factory.. Please surf the internet and see how smoking affects your Dopamine (Happy Chemical) release...There is a chemical war in your brain...

I supplemented with herbal over the counter stuff just to get the old brain started again...Some people get happiness in different ways..Taking up and enjoyable hobby sometimes work...

Try not to think about the nice of a cigarette, I can guarentee it is a false Ephoria and once you have tasted the sweet, sweet life without that stench and wheezing you will never want to smoke again...!!

I honour you to live with that crave for 1 year and almost 4 months...It just confirm how strong you are...Also remeber when you feel you are drowning in stress and going under, our Saviour walked on water...Reach out for that helping hand...Use this forum often..Strongs !!

(Congrats on your 18th and one year and 3 moths is Gr8)


Hercu , that post was brilliant 👍

I would really appreciate more info on what herbal things you took , as I'm interested in the dopamine side of things re smoking

I need to help my Brain to get back to like it was before smoking

, as I think my cravings are more nastalgic and it's my brain trying to trick me into thinking I need one to be happy ,

I want to re train my brain



Sorry hercu 😂

I will reply to you on your own post

Done By mistake obviously 😊

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Jojulian, No mistake , thank you for the kind comment, We are here to support each other, Hope you got that brain kick started, Strongs !!


cvctus please please please please please don't start again!!! I too was an idiot at 18 and wasted over twenty years on that evil drug!! In one year I have saved over three thousand I dread to think what I have wasted over twenty!!


Hi Cvctus. You sound like a very strong, intelligent guy. You're just at the start of your adult life with so many possibilities in front of you.

Imagine what you can look forward to if you smoke again...going through another struggle(s) to quit. Have you talked to your doctor about help with the cravings? Different things work for different people, champix is working for me.

Life will always throw pressure at you, the cigs never change that. The coping you are doing by yourself. Be proud of your almost 16 month quit, go forward not back, and take credit for what you are achieving.

Stay strong!


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