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Week 2- How have I done it?

Wow Guys. I have just survived the 1st week and I feel amazing. My lungs feel like they haven't in a while! I have more energy and motivation! Excited by the progress!

Also, the cravings are getting easier to handle and the urge to smoke has decreased. I think about cigarettes less and less. :)

I will be so proud to reach a month cigarette free. That certainly hasn't happened in 5 years! So I can't wait to feel and see the changes!

Thank you EVERYONE for all your support. This forum has made a massive difference! I can't let you guys down. xxxxxxx

Just day by day... that's all I can do!

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Excellent stuff Jacqui, i can see you are really buzzing and proud!

Its amazing how quickly your body recovers and how much better you feel.

You did this all by yourself by making a choice - choosing not to smoke!

Glad we could all help, i agree...the support from this forum is magic!

Onwards and upwards on your jouney of freedom! Well done :):):):):):)


Jacqui, so amazing when we start to see and feel the rewards of not smoking, doing a grand job, if I,m allowed to say. Just keep going, you are through the most difficult time.

A big congratulations from me. :)


Well done indeed Jacqui :D

May your second week be a breeze. :)


Jacqui! Well done in your first week!! Keep it up! :D:D:D


Well done Jacqui, you are doing great :)


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