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Day 50 - Cracking on...


Dear all, hope you guys had a wonderful weekend, because I did !

Was a tad selfish, left my OH @ home on both mornings of weekends, and went mountain-biking with friends, although I did managed to get home by 12pm, in-time for lunch. :D:D

The lungs workout was wonderful, and did lots of good stuffs for my brain, it was great getting high on non-nicotine induced dopamine. I believe that was what it was, that feeling I had on both days, right after the bike sessions. Or maybe its just too much oxygen, but I didn't had any headache, that means it must've been dopamine, or something.

It was a simple, pure high, to me. :D

I'll be honest, I still get the craves, was helping a buddy of mine relocate from one apartment to the other, just on Saturday afternoon. He was fagging away in the balcony, I was having a couple of drinks on the sofa, whilst he was fagging away in the balcony. And I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to be out there, enjoying the breeze and dragging on one ? :eek:

That had to be the 'Trigger of the Week' moment for me.

Haha no kidding, how my junkie brains work.... but I didn't.

I'm not sure what I did, but I didn't use my 'delay' card yet, and the ruge faded away, but good to know I have it in my back pocket, that one.

Planning an end September trip to France/UK, hopefully it will be stress-free, and smoke-free too.

Meanwhile, cracking on, start of the week, hope it will be smooth, minimal craves, and crazy fun. :)

Have a good start to the week, one and all !

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Hi Edge,

So glad you enjoyed your weekend. Sounds like you had a lovely time and well done for tackling the trigger moment with such aplomb! Those moments do become fewer and less fleeting (as I am sure you have already discovered). I know what you mean about the exercise- I feel just the same when I climb a fell. Best high ever in more senses than one :)

Oh- and HUGE congratulations on reaching your half-century. That's one mighty achievement and I can see there will be no stopping you now.

Have a lovely week Edge :D

Well done that man

A half century already! Onwards and upwards!!!!

Fantastic post beaming with positivity :) well done on your half a century :)

So happy for you - 50 days - thats brilliant!! Congratulations.

Hi Edged, a very well done for getting to 50 days, that's fantastic:)

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