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Over 50 days smokefree


Well I can't quite believe it I'm over 50days smokefree. The 21st Feb was my 50th day so today is my 52nd day. (If my calculations are right)

I completely forgot about it - I suppose that is a good thing. You guys forgot to though ;)

I know I haven't been on here much but I have been really busy. There are not enough hours in the day! How did I find enough time to do things when I smoked? Makes me wondered how I fitted everything in :rolleyes:

It is thanks to you guys that I am not smoking. You have all played an important part in my quit and some of you an extra special important part :D

To those of you either starting out or not too far behind me YOU can really do this - I admit it is bloody hard ecspcially those very early days but it does get easier. Just take one day at a time and baby steps and you'll crack it.

To those of you in front of me, thank you you all for your words of wisdom!!

Those of you infront please save me a seat in that Penthouse one right by the bar. To those of you not to far behind - I'll keep you a chair warm :D

Take care all

Don't worry be happy

Tinks xx

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So pleased for you, well done...

Im on day 7...so 50 days, seems a long time for me...but hopefully I will make it..xx

Yay Tinks!!!

What can i say?

Your doing fabulously, a credit to us all!!!!

hip hip hooraaaah!!!


Oh thank the lord I needed a party! Flipping heck how good are you, 50 days is fantastic. I am so proud of you as you pulled yourself together, put up with a few comments AND bloody showed them. :) You have always supported the rest of us too.

You have also managed this quit with dignity and pride and I just think you are a fine example to anyone who fall off the wagon and got back on it.

Well done my love, right let's open the wine....hic:p

You go girlfriend *waves ghetto finger*

Congrats on 50 days. Was begining to worry we hadn't seen you for a while in the NYR's board. Good on you Tinks.

Check you Out my lil fairy :)

50 days you faced them triggers this time Tinks and pushed them out of your way

Big Well Done (((((Hugs)))) Chrissie x

(christine please let the red breath) :rolleyes:

Oops forgot, let's try that again with the 3rd bottle:D

Hi Tinks, a lovely surprise to hear from you and you are 53 days stopped, brilliant.

Don't be a stranger, it helps loads to get and give support, to help you stay stopped.


Tinks my love I did not see this yesterday I am so sorry..

Well done on 50 days that is a milestone and I will tick you off on the Octos clipboard.

You are an inspiration to anyone who does blip in thier quit, takes a deap breath and gets right back at it with renewed vigour. Hats off to you.

Silly question, but is there any wine left?????? :D


Hi Tinkerbell :D

50 days + is a great milestone to reach well done


Marg xx

Thanks all for your lovely responses

Sorry Lorna - no wine left the wino of the group has drunk the lot :p need I mention any names? :D

Hey Tinks, just saw this thread a big well done and fandabdosie to you keep it going you're doing sooooooooooooooooooooooo good.:cool:

Jack xx

Thank you Jack. Your going great guns at the moment well done you. I wanted to respond to your threads but wasn't sure what to say! Proper little trooper :)

Chrissie - Is she still sleeping? Do you think she now as marmite poisoning instead of alcohol posioning only she seems quiet? :D

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