Day 50

Seven weeks yesterday; I thought it was worth posting as it seems miraculous to those who know me well that I still have not had a smoke in all that time. Miraculous to me as well.

I'm at the stage now where I have to track how many days it's been; this doesn't take too long obviously but I don't know instantly now. I think I will soon stop counting!

I had the weirdest dream last night; I bought 10 fags from a petrol station, and they were all mixed in with sawdust and fake fags, part of a Government plot to get people to smoke less according to the cashier, who was Jeremy Clarkson. God know what a dream psychiatrist would make of that! Anyway I lit one up and then woke up relieved that I hadn't really smoked and that my quit was still on!

Thanks to all on this forum; I would have definitely caved in weeks 1-3 without you all!

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  • 50 days! I think thats worth posting about too Bear. Well done.

    I've also stopped counting. Now the only thing i'm sure of is that I stopped on the 5th May. When I tell people who dont yet know...... I still have this tickly giggle of awe inside and I cant quite believe its me I'm talking about! You are right. Its miraculous. You and me are virtual miracles :)

    Still havent worked out the meaning of your dream.....but thats largely coz I'm too busy trying to work out which word you had to edit :)

  • Hi AB

    Very well done you! 50 days is brill.

    I did myself a spreadsheet to count the days, mark the weeks and months etc! How said is that?! :o

    I've just opened it. Excel tells me that today is day 126, 18 weeks. I went through the 4 month mark into Month 5 on Thursday! Ooooooo , Happy Shazza :D

    Once agan, very well done. I promise you that the time will start to wizz by now, and before you know it, it'll be 100 days. :D

  • Fantastic job AngryBear!!! You definitely know you're free when you're no longer actively counting days.

    Keep up the great work!


  • Well done Bear ( hope not angry anymore )

    Heres to the next 50 days

  • 50 days is fantastic, well done you:D

  • Thank you!

    Dippy, Shazza, Alex, Magwillz & Aitch, thank you very much :) ......Aitch, no, I'm not so angry these days, not as bad as week 1-2 anyway! And in answer to your sort of query Dippy Egg, the word was a.nalyist, obviously without the full-stop, they starred the first four letters, very odd, must be an automated thing :confused:

  • Well done. The days seem to fly by when you reach 50

  • Congratulations! A great achievement.

    Helen x

  • you had to swop it for 'phsychiatrist' :)

    I knew it would be something along those lines since the other week I wasnt allowed to tell you all that i'd had root work done. I just left it with the asterix's and hoped you's would work it out.

    Congrats again. :D

  • Thanks Una & Helen, 51 now ha ha! :D

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