No Smoking Day
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It's all in the mind today!


I'm here! I made to day 3 << insert happy dance here! :D

today has not been as bad as expected although its been a busy day so I've not had much of a chance to think about a smoke!

The cravings are definitely less but more powerful! I'm finding that's its more in my head today, like I'm battling with my mind! I've never got this far before so I feel a sudden panic on occasion that this is it and ill never be able to have that smoke again, then trying to reason that I don't want one anyway and never want to again! so far I'm winning!

Currently sitting out in the garden with a cuppa (the usual smoking spot for me) and no cigarettes in sight! Yippee! Seem to have gotten into a routine of fighting the cigs when it happens as opposed to lighting up! Had a rubbish nights sleep but hopefully this will get better soon!

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Well done Laura :D

You really sound like you have the right mindset to make this the permanent quit. It's an excellent sign that you're managing to face down those trigger moments. Every time you do it will get easier until in the end they hardly ever happen at all.

Nearly half way through your first week- how fantastic is that? :)


Well done on day 3 Laura:)

Certainly does cause a lot of battles in your mind, I remember reading a book called 'Taming your Gremlin' for low self esteem, and it really could have been about quitting smoking as Nicotine addiction is a gremlin of sorts. I just keep trying to block those 'But I want one' thoughts!

my cravings got less and less fairly quickly and I find this site is great as a distraction when you want to smoke.


My day three is technically over in 20 mins! And I'm still smoke free, phew!

Thank you to everyone who has posted, this site is quickly becoming my lifeline! I've spent most of the afternoon browsing away! I also spent some of it chatting with friends! It was extremely hard not to smoke but it was nice to sit with them too an not light up as they both non smokers! Here's to day 4 :D thanks again guys! I'm sure you all know how nice it is to see messages of support through your quit! I am grateful! They have been a huuuuge help:) xx


Hi Laura and a big well done from me. Yes it is some times a mind battle , but one you are winning.:)

Congratulations well on your way to a week, fantastic.:)


Well done Laura the first three days are really hard but nicotine will be completely out your system now so the physical craves will get less soon. You seen in a really positive mindset and that helps so much. Good luck on your day 4 x


Congrats Laura,

You sound like you are coping really well. And massive well done for not smoking when chatting with friends, not easy :(


Nicely done, and your signature of soft mints prompted me to go buy a pack for myself.

It does help!

There will be triggers, I just had one today whilst downing a pint of lager, but I'm starting to practice observing my craves with the dispassionate attitude of an observer, that I have this funny weird hunger, and just going through the process of observing its ebbs and flows.

It will be Day 5 before you know it ! FTW!


Thanks guys, yesterday was not as bad as I've heard day 3 to be lol!

Day 4 however .......... Good grief I'm at a war with myself!

Soft mints are really helping me at te moment, anything that keeps my hand busy too! I tied a straw in knots this morning! I'm having an off day! but I will not buy smokes! Your bang on there edge!! It's finding the triggers and dealing with them, I find it easier for me to deal with them head on it seems as I can cross a hurdle off my list! Have not went near wine and won't for a while! Lol ill be rosy cheeked and smelling of fags before I know it lol That trigger is too much lol! Keep going edge!

Thanks everyone:) have a happy smoke free day! Xx


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