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nicotine playing with my mind


This forum is such a great resource! It helped me stop smoking for a year a while back, foolishly I had a cigarette whilst out with drinking and was caught by the nicotine trap again.

I had my last cigarette four days ago, and I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself.

Now that the working week has started again and the excitement of the Olympics has ended, I'm finding my mind wondering a lot.

It feels like there is a voice in my head saying I should reward myself by smoking one more pack of cigarettes, just one more as it won't hurt and I'll stop after that. I know that this is the worst thing I can do, as it'll never be just one more cigarette.

It's incredible how powerful this nicotine addiction is, it's really messing with my head. I hope I don't have to battle this nicotine monster in my head for too long, it feels awful.

I think I just need to remember:

1: Just take it one day at a time. You are free to smoke, but today I choose not to.

2: Everyday that you don't smoke, the nicotine monster in your head dies a little.

3: It's never just one cigarette.

4: I now don't smell of smoke, I breathe easier, am healthier and am a stronger person for this experience.

I don't really have a question, I just wanted to write this down as a bit of release.

Thanks everyone for the support on this forum. I hope we beat the nicotine together.

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Hi Sam2012

You know you can do this.

I have just started week 2 and still get moments.

If we all hold each others hands we can do this.

Keep going


austinlegro11 Years Smoke Free

Thanks everyone for the support on this forum. I hope we beat the nicotine together.

Make sure you're fighting the right battle.

There are 1000s of statistics who thought they were entrenched in a battle with nicotine and forgot that they were trying to quit smoking.

A simple mistake with potentially disastrous results. :o

Thanks for the words of encouragement, i think the first fortnight will be the toughest. I think I'll be logging into this forum every day to get inspiration and support.

You are free to smoke, but today I choose not to.

Hey Sam

good luck with it.....I used the quote above myself early on, in the first couple of weeks; I would tell myself "if you want a fag go ahead. It's a free country and you're over 21" :) Stubbornness and, as you say, choice took over every time and I managed, so far anyway, not to.

But Austin's right, if it was just the nicotine it would all be over after three days, I found smoking was a way of life rather than just the nicotine. It's nicer every day without it :D

PS Good luck to Jane too!

Yesterday was the most difficult day since I stopped smoking, I had the strongest urge to light up but I made it through the day without smoking! :)

It seems that between 10am and 5pm is when I'm most tempted to smoke. smoking seems to be on my mind constantly during these hours, I'm fidgety, and to be honest feel a little depressed. From my past experiences I am know these feelings will pass but its not very nice going through this right now.

Anyway, lets be positive - I've not smoked for 5 days, I smell nicer, and breathe easier! Everyday I don't smoke make me stronger.

Hope everyone else is feeling good about not smoking today.

Well done Sam, I have not actually stopped yet, I start on Sunday, on Champix so hoping my cravings are not going to be to bad, but then again I dont care if i end in hospital through quitting, im never going to put a cig in my mouth again! so hoping i dont get to many withdrawals.


Hey Sam

you're right, it's rubbish at the moment for you but you know it gets better so stick with it, well done so far! :)

Thanks for the support Angry bear. I feel good at the moment but must remember to not get complacent.

DJC - good luck with your stop on Sunday. Just remember to focus on one day at a time. The process can be very daunting otherwise. Please do let us know how you get on, I'll be looking out for your post on Sunday on wards :)

So I'm on day 6 now, midnight tonight will mark 1 week since I stopped smoking :)

I still feel the urge to light up this morning, but after the last two days I kinda expect this feeling now and the urge is not as powerful as it has been.

There is still a side of me that looks at cigarettes with rose tinted glasses, the side that tells me how nice it would be to pull the smoke into my lungs and get that sense of relaxation. However I know I have to combat these thoughts with the reality of smoking, the horrible smell, the dizziness, the heavy chest and the destruction of my health.

I had a nightmare last night, I have not had a nightmare in years and generally don't remember my dreams. I dreamed I was at a great party and then suddenly there was a wave of fear emanating from another room. I never saw what was in the room but it felt evil - like a brutal murder just happened there. Then I woke up, I knew it was a dream but it was unpleasant none the less.

I'm not sure if the nightmare is related to me stopping smoking. Maybe the evil coming from the room is a cigarette haha.

Anyway, lets get through this day without smoking and feel good about ourselves.

How are you today?

Hi Sam2012!

Just going thru the post here and saw yours!

I'm in your corner! I hope all is well your way...!!!

God Bless!

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