Today is the start of week four, all is well

Hi all, just checking in on day one of week four.

All is well, no real craves, cant say that I have been grumpy to my family on this quit so that's a bonus. Just taking it one day at a time.

Good luck and love to all.

Joan xx

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  • Been waiting for this post Joanie, brilliant to get your first month under your belt. Even though I can't eat them you deserve some chocs. David xxx

  • Those chocs look good David, I am going to have one with a glass of wine this evening. Lots of love Joanie XX

  • So pleased that you are into this great quit, this is the one i am sure, nice to see you on the boards again x

  • Joanie - I can't believe it's already a month. I'm just chuffed to bits that it's been such plain sailing for you this time, I know how you've struggled before.

    You are well on the road to being forever free. Just remember NOPE, no matter what triggers crop up, and you'll be just peachy.


    Helen x

  • Congrats

    Good job Joan! I'll be joining you for my start of week 4 on Monday..... Can't believe it's almost been a month already ..... :D

  • Hi Jamangie,Really nice to here from you.

    These last few years I have been coming and going like a bad penny.

    This time I do feel different, I am going to make it this time.

    Love Joan x

  • Thank you Helen, yep I think I am going to do it this time.

    Not stressing over cigs like on my last quit in fact its only now and again that I think about them.

    But I am not going to be complacent as its early days yet.

    Thank you Helen for your support.

    Love Joan xx

  • Hi Day to Day, you are also doing a great job not much between us.

    Keep it up hun.

    Love Joan xx

  • I have made an Excecative decision and awared Joan the quitter of the week award for positive attitude and being so damned nice

    Well done

  • Oh Aitch that is so sweet thank you.

    Lots of love Joan xx

  • Well done on reaching week 4 and great to see that your not having too many craves! Good luck with the rest of the week your doing amazing :D

    Tracy xxx

  • Glad to see your ''carying on quitting'', i dont know you but i seem to remember reading an early post of yours and its good to hear your still quit.

    Mash x

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