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It's all about mind-set


This quitting smoking lark is easy - once you get past the first 3-7 days of physical cravings in my opinion the rest is all about mind-set.

It has now been 47 days since I last smoked a cigarette and I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I fully understand the reasons why I smoked and the reasons why I will never smoke again.

The fact that I have been through each of my triggers on numerous occasions has now confirmed to me that I can face any situation without having to reach for a cigarette. These were;

1) Driving

2) After meals

3) With a alcohol

4) Tea/Coffee breaks at work

5) Being around other smokers

6) Stressful situation with work

7) Argument with friend/relative/girl friend

8) Speaking on the phone

I now look at smokers and feel sorry for them, they are in the nicotine trap and they are not aware of it, I see how nicotine used to control my life in every way. I can 100% vouch for Allen Carrs book, it certainly worked for me, I’ve heard it has not helped with others but once your "mind-set" is in the right place his book opens your eyes to the real smoking trap.

I would like to say anyone reading this during the early stages of your quit - Keep going, struggle through, do anything you can do to not give in. I tried on several occasions but always gave in within 3 days, but not this time, purely down to my "mind-set" - It gets easier.

Finally other quitters who are ahead of me - I find your posts inspiring and they help me to continue on my quest for the "Penthouse", I am more aware than ever than just one cigarette will see me back in the trap - It is because of all of you that I will not let this happen.

Thanks for listening and apologies for the long post - I felt like I had to get this off my chest.

Keep going everyone.


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Hi Mark - sounding very strong - well done!

It's great that you have faced your routine triggers, but I would just caution you to still be aware of those less common events that have caught some people out - holidays, job loss, bereavements etc. There are a few threads on here looking at the reasons behind failures in long term quits that are worth reading. Forewarned is forearmed and all that!

Thanks Mrs T,

I read my post through again and it does read rather naive and believe me I am trying as best I can to learn from other peoples experiences.

Thankfully my life is reasonably calm at the moment which is why I chose this period to finally quit but as we all no life does throw as curve balls - I just hope that as you put - forewarned is forearmed.

I'm hoping that if I am consciously aware then when horrible situations arise I will squash them before they get a chance to get a hold of me.


Hiya Mark

I read Allen Carrs book many years ago when I was on one of my many * I want to quit* journeys.

While I was reading it I never smoked, not once. BUT :( as soon as I put it down I started again. My way of thinking is it has to be your time to quit for anything to work. You have to sure its what you want, be determined and start to believe that you are, once again, a non smoker.

Over the years I have tried everything, allen carr, patches, inhalators, hypnotism,lozenges, gum and only once did I get to the 4 week mark.

This time has been completely different for me. I started on 21mg patches and lozenges. I worried constantly for the first 2 weeks about dropping the strength of the patches, then one day I thought sod it Im coming off them. I dont know why or how I could, I would never have been able to do that in the past but this time I have. The nicodemon has been in my head on and off for the 3 weeks I have quit, before I would have opened the door for him, given him a chocolate biscuit and a cup of tea to keep him company, this time I have been slamming the door and using not very ladylike language to tell him where to go. I believe that I am able to be strong this time because tthis is my quit. Its for me not for anyone else and I dont care what anyone uses or doesnt use as long as we all succeed.

Keep strong and watch out for that little demon waiting for his moment.

lillie xx

Thanks Lillie, you stay strong too.

As someone who put Allan Carrs book down on the same day as you, I concur!

It's not for everyone though, but I do feel that I've done most of the trigger situations now (weekends with 2 toddlers for the last 6 weeks must have tested the nerves to breaking point now surely!!)

Roll on day 50 on Saturday!


Indeed, roll on day 50.

Glad to hear you are doing so well Nigel, keep it up.

I like this post and agree with a lot of what you are saying.

I'm feeling a bit rubbishy today (not necessarily down to the fact I have quit) but aside from that I do also feel like the 'penny has dropped'. I've tried a couple of times to quit and failed each time, but this time I can honestly say I have a completely different view about it.

I read Allen's book. It didn't help me right away, but I can now think back to it and see how a lot of it makes sense.

I spotted a guy the other day, nipping out of the back door of where he worked, all on his own for a cigarette. I felt so pleased that I am no longer one of these slaves.

I tried (and failed miserably) to convey this to my OH the other day. I don't think you know whether or not you're going to be in that correct frame of mind until you attempt the quit.

I was really happy reading this post. It is a hard thing to explain to someone else that is not on the same wavelength.


I completely agree JQ - I am having the same problem with my OH at the moment, she is still smoking and was supposed to quit at the same as me. Obviously she decided not too and I have tried in subtle ways to explain how I feel.

She just doesn't want to listen - I think it just isn't her time to quit, I was in her situation many times and I failed but this time is different. It is really difficult because I would love her to quit too - We are going to be living together soon and I want a smoke free environment not to mention how much more cash we will have.

Keep going JQ.

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