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woo hoo

I know some of you disagree but 8 weeks quit is 2 months done for me so I am gatecrashing the 3 month thread lol. Keep forgetting to take my Champix and have not done so for several days. Not had any side effects except a lessening of a tolerance at work so think I will wean myself off them. I'm still strong and have no desire to smoke so think I am ready to keep it cold turkey.

Bought some scales last week so this week I start phase 2 of Debs road to freedom and am getting myself in the zone to shift 3 stone. If only I didn't love my food so much lol

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Well 8 weeks is a huge achievement:). So this quit is well on the success road, hopefully it will become easier for you.

Please keep us updated with your progress.


Fantastic Mrs Joy!

A huge well done from me. If you can quit smoking you really can do anything I think, so I bet you succeed just as well with your losing weight/getting fit campaign. :)


Massive well done :cool: I too followed the "four" week month principle until I got to months four and five, I made myself wait for the calendar month anniversary then as I was pretty settled into my quit and felt confident enough in myself to do it "properly" - but each to their own and whatever works for you - do it! Good Luck with shifting the poundage too ;)


To be honest I have a chart on my wall and every day I cross another day off and do a little jig of success. I did it on weeks rather than months and can't be bothered to change it.

3 dance classes completed this week. Would have walked to work this week but I hurt my foot doing the Morecambe bay walk across the sands , but onward and upward.

My lungs are lifting me higher

Than I have ever been lifted before.

I have the power

Smoke free my desire

I'm gonna breathe free for evermore

Ooo oooo ooo oooo



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