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Woo Hoo day 20

Well its day 20 and I will soon be moving to the week 4 forum!!!!

So time for a few thank you's to those who have unwittingly helped me when times have been bad. This list is not exhaustive:









Rachel Mullen

When times have been hard posts from all of the above have helped either by making me laugh or by just taking my mind off the cravings. Anyway - thank you all............heres to staying quit ;)

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I totally agree feel better, smell better and pockets heavier - brilliant


Congratulations John, it looks like we gave up on the same day.

Hope you are having a good day.

I am doing so much better than yesterday.



Hi Dom

Yes it appears we did both give up on the same day - I am also much better than yesterday although it comes and goes really one minute fine next minute would kill for a fag!!

Still oneday at a time eh?


Fantasic, really a reason for celebration :D


I know - can't believe I will be posting in the 1 month section soon!!!!!!


Yay john!

Keep on moving through the boards, it is a great feeling. You have done a great job, both in your quit and on here helping and supporting everyone - keep up the good work!


How do I do that?


Having been brousing around reading as much as I can during a difficult night after quite a positive day thinking I may have beaten this nagging monster in my head!! - I see that many of you sparing your time to us newbies in our moments of need are still having lots of difficult moments of your own ...I will say one thing for us ex smokers ... we are the most unselfish group of people I have ever come across ... best of luck to you all xx


Hi Shells

I can't speak for everyone here, but from my own experience, I get support from people who have quit for longer than me and from people who have not quit for as long as me.

The people who have quit longer than me give me an incite into what is coming, whilst the people who have not quit as long as me remind me of how far I have come.

So what I am trying to say is everyone is as useful as each other in this forum. Don't know if that was as clear as I hoped. :eek:



I reiterate what John says!

Additionally I think ex-smokers have the hardest of times - smokers dislike us for leaving the gang, or just making them feel jealous, or indeed because they have tried and failed and genuinely believe it is impossible. Non-smokers will encourage to start with but then don't really understand what all the fuss is about! Therefore we should be there for each other as no one else is there!


Go to "User CP" toward the top of the page, and then "Edit Signature" on the left hand side (in a column of options).

Must be stupid but still not getting it - is there an idiots guide?


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