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WOO HOO - I did it!!!!

Hey everyone - hope you all had a good smoke-free weekend!

I went to the hen-day on Saturday - 12 hours of drinking and I did not smoke - and not only that, didn't really want to either. I had one moment when I thought I would ask for a drag of a cigarette but then asked myself if I really wanted to inhale some arsenic, cyanide and god knows what else - and promptly felt sorry for the girl who was smoking!

And for the first time since I gave up, I felt really proud of myself - there were girls there who remembered how much I would smoke whilst drinking and couldn't believe that I wasn't - such a good feeling! I think we sometimes forget just what we have achieved getting this far!

So yes - had a bit of a nasty hangover but you know what - it was one of the best hangovers I've ever had - knowing that I didn't smoke the night before. And for the first time I feel I might just be able to do this...but trying not to be over-confident so it's back to one day at a time!

It is so worth it to stay strong and to remember that we can beat those nasty little white things...:p

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Well done Fellie....I don't know how you managed to stay quit during 12 hours of drinking. This just confirms how you've mentally switched to being a non-smoker, so impressed. I don't think I'd have been so strong so I'm avoiding alcohol at the moment.....well done Fellie, gives me hope that this can be done after all.

Lisa X


Well done Fellie , I knew you could do it and I will also share your glory.

I was out Saturday night for my first heavy night of drinking with a reunion of friends who I haven’t seen for a long time, there were about 20 of us out and about 15 of those are smokers.

I am also chuffed to bits and proud of myself because I didn’t smoke either - this has to be the single biggest achievement for me so far because I was so fearful before I went out that I might be tempted - I won't lie and say it was easy because I did have weak moments but the thought of wasting the last 50 days was enough for me to realise how much I'd hate myself the next day.

Keep going everyone - It really does get better each day.



Well done to francob too...definately deserve to share the glory. At 50 days that would have been a shitter to relapse after all that hard work.

Proud of you both.

Lisa X


Well done Francob - it's such a good feeling isn't - and you fully deserve to share all the glory you like !:D

And thanks Lisa - like you I was staying off alchohol so was pretty scared about wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - just got to keep that guard up ALL the time coz that Nico-Imp is just waiting for one little weak moment to slip in again.:eek:


Well done Fellie! Great feeling getting over that one isn't it!! Even the headache is a bit nicer! lol


Well done Fellie and francob :D

You both should feel very proud of yourselves that you took on this major challenge and succeeded, Im not sure that I would be strong enough, although I dont drink I still liked the ambience of being in a pub.

It can only be more onwards and upwards for both of you.

Lillie xx


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