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Week 3.. WTF!

Hey all

Well, before I know it it's week 3 and the really weird thing is, I can't remember when I smoked. It feels like I never have. I don't look longingly at smokers nor do I feel disgusted by them. Very weird.

I feel really tired still and a bit sad and really don't have time for stupid people, which has got me into trouble a bit. But really, why sugar coat everything? If something's ****, say it's ****... no?

Oh, and I'm more overdrawn than I was when I smoked! hahaha I just keep spending thinking "Oh, I can afford it now" hahaha

Anyway, hope everyone is doing dandy! :D

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Well done Mrs F! You're quite right as well- life is too short not to tell it how it is. If they don't like it to Hell with them. :D

Many, many congratulations on reaching Week 3. That's one mighty achievement. :)


Brilliant, three weeks in and as strong as an ox :)

I too spend too much money too, but I'd rather be a bit skint than stink ;)


Well done - keep going it will get easier and easier :)


Aww thanks you guys! I'm still here, zooming along :)

I don't mean to disappear, I just forget I'm quitting lol!!! xx


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