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Hey everyone,

Havent done a post for a while, havn't felt the need, have been lurking more and trying to give advice. Anway............ I feel like absolute cr*p all the time! Not physically but since I stopped (will be 8 weeks on Friday) I constantly have had things wrong with me.

At the moment I have spots everywhere, well over a stone of extra weight. Cracks at each corner of my mouth from lack of iron and b2 (never had this before) bags under my eyes, interrupted sleep.

I am going to the docs in the morning, maybe I need extra supplements. Is it silly that I felt like a healthier and happier person when I smoked. I really dont feel as attaractive now. These things have only started after I quit. It is really getting me down. It isnt going to make me smoke again but people are starting to see a difference in my personality (not as outgoing and happy).

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aww hope you feeling better soon Jill

However it feels right time you will feel loads better. I remember a tight feeling in my chest, like passed without me realising last time ...the tiredness...the spots & the miserable feeling! (now stupidly am going through it all again)

The cracks on your mouth etc...unsure of that...maybe it is lacking in vitamins & a good idea to go to your doctors.

However almost 8 weeks without smoking ....despite everything else thats going just brilliant your body is well & truly healing & you should take pride in that :)


aww jill. so sorry that you are not happy and not feeling well:( you must go to the doctor. i wish i had some words of wisdom but i dont:( i hope you get some help at the doc and keep us posted...all the best hun!


Morning Jill,

I sort of know a bit of how you feel. I have been awaiting the glow to my skin; I do not have spots, but my pores are all clogged. The skin on my hands and face is dry and I weigh in just over a stone more than I did a month ago. (I don't feel attractive, but O/H does not notice a difference)

I am just starting to sleep better which is a relief, but it is not helping the bitchiness. Poor O/H, who really is a bit of a dear, I could just murder him; not for any particular reason other than he breathes (he quit also and other than over eating has no other symptoms). I have no drive or ambition; the energy that was supposed to have entered my body has not.

I have been happily wallowing (deserve it). As of yesterday, I will walk one bloody mile a day; I will not eat (as much) chocolate (raisins! as many calories, but not as bad for skin). I will make a small list of things to accomplish each day and work towards them. First on my list is NOT TO SMOKE.

Life has not changed for the better; no lite switch went on, but Jill, I am proud of myself. I am damn well proud of myself:D

Sorry to rant; just wanted to let you know you are not alone, but what you are doing is worth it



i love the bit in your post

I could just murder him; not for any particular reason other than he breathes

so so funny made me laugh alot



OMG!!! cudda been describing me there , just an hour ago i have been having this same convo with me daughter how weird !

I was just saying too her how crap i feel ( im on day 19 ) me skin is really dry, me eyes are black thru lack of sleep, coldsore on me mouth, dry skin both sides of me mouth , and i just said i felt more healthier and attractive when i smoked 25 fags a day haha!!!

The only way is up for both of us ,..... theres no-were else for us too go darlin is there, its gonna get better :) keep kicking it kid ;) we will get there :) xxx


Ooo, poor you. It's really odd how quitting affects everyone. Both me & my OH gave up at the same time. He's been suffering physically quite badly & still isn't too good 6 weeks on...for instance, he's gone to bed now with a really bad headache (& this isn't like him at all) As for me, I'm suffering psychologically...big time. Health wise, I'm ok & have noticed a huge difference in my skin (which, at my age, is a bonus!) but have suffered chronic depression, panic attacks, bad temper (omg...psychotic or what!) have put on a lot of weight & basically feel like...bleh...hate myself....& the!

However...I'm dieting strictly now & try very hard to remind myself why I gave up (promise to my son...&,!) & gradually, very gradually, it's improving (I think) at least today has been a good day. I think one of the best things ever has been this forum because we can all talk, scream, bawl, moan to our hearts content...thank god for this!

I know you'll keep it going & well done for getting this far, even tho you feel like crap...good on you!


Hey Jill,

sorry your feeling s**ty, I had the same thing.... I NEVER get spots, but had monster ones recently, and cracked lips and the sides of my mouth... have a crocky throat at the moment... am still getting irratating cravings... and the last time I quit ( back in 08/09) I put on 2 stone, which broke my heart because I have never been able to get it back to anywhere near my pre-quit weight... the flip side is the confidence I have as a result of having the willpower and determination to follow this through... there is a real sense of satisfaction, more than from smoking a fag because it doesn't last as long as a cigarette does.

its does get better, honest. its just not an easy path. x


Hi Jill,

Reading you post reminded me so much of how so many Oct 09 quitters felt, moods, depression, over eating, normal character traits vanishing under new snappy, head eating, axe wielding, weepy manic wine guzzling persona's.

I seriously considered an attack on my OH just for opening the oven to check on how MY dinner was cooking:rolleyes:

Some of the above moods swings were quit related and evened out over 2 to 4 months. Some effects were down to health issues that just happened to time with quitting.

Many of us Octo's from 09 found St Johns Wort and Sea Kelp useful. Diet sorts itself out in time, exercise helped a lot of folk through the 2nd month onwards.

Two folk had thyroid problems which had been around for a while, quitting bought those issues to the surface.

What I'm trying to say, and not well, is that some of these effects are normal and do pass. There are things we can do to help ourselves and get some feeling of good positive control back.

I'm glad you saw your doc as there are also other effects that may not be quit related and getting some medical advice will hopefully put your mind at ease.

Congrats to you Jill, for what is now 8 weeks today / a two months quit :)

Keep reading the links and knowing/understanding what is ahead and what to expect. If you've not read it then give the link about the 'terrible threes' a look at. Month 2 for me was really shite, three was better and by the end of month 3 I felt I could just about see I was ready to 'turn that corner'.

All the best with keeping on with your quit,

Pol :)


Hi Jill,

How did it go at the Dr's?

You have described me exactly, except the moods, Im just down, dont really want to kill.


I don't feel the need to add my own stuff here but I just wanted to say that I appreciate this forum so much, I really do. Just when you think, 'it's me, there's something wrong with me', you find loads of people have been there before or experiencing it with you etc.

Absolutely invaluable and has made a seriously positive difference to my quit.

I would also like to remind peeps to not forget their GP. I'm going to make an appointment myself soon as I want my thyroid tested. I just don't want everyone to put everything down to the quit. Talk to your doc, he/she'll be chuffed that you've quit anyway and probably won't mind humouring a bit of hypochondria :o:D


Hey Everyone,

I went to the docs, he said I need to take more vitamins and supplements. He said that it can take months and months for your body to compltley ommit the effects of all those years of smoking, he said my body is ridding itself of the harmful toxins.

The cracks on the mouth is lack of iron, he gave me and HC cream and it has cleared it up quite a bit.

But now I have the COLD ffs, runny nose, cough, eyes streaming sore limbs arrrgghhh, when will this end.

Thanks everyone for your replies. Sad but also glad other people are here with me.

It amazing to believe that 8 weeks down the line Nicotine is STILL affecting my body.

Jill xxx


It's terrifying, isn't it? And the worst thing is that, even if we were all told this before we sparked up that first ever fag, we'd still think 'Oh, I'll be won't affect me'!!! Keep going, you're doing amazingly well, even if you're feeling dead crappy, just think how you've taken control of your life back from nicotine addiction. Clever you!


Hey Sophie.

I know. I definatley have a more positive outlook on things and it sounds well cheesy but when I am out walking I am looking at things differently, like concentrating on the details rather than thinking when I am next going to spark up.

Hope you are doing well with your quit!



I agree, Jill...& there is a tiny bit of smugness there as well which I try to for my quit, 7 weeks this thursday & I'd love to say it's been easy but it's been a struggle. Never considered quitting quitting, as it were, but psychologically it's been a right bugger!!! :D


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