No Smoking Day
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Here we go!

Hey folks,

I've been lurking this forum for quite a while lately. I started using Tabex 4 days ago while gradually decreasing fags. So tomorrow will be my day 1.

I am 29 years old who has been smoking for the last 14 years, around pack-a-day. I had two semi-serious attempts before, one after reading Easy way to stop smoking (lasted around 3 days and this is easy, I can do it whenever I want! Right...) and second one just few months ago. Lasted only a day.

I am very confident now though. And very serious. The only problem is that I have two jobs, both home based, and that's exactly where I smoked the most. So that's gonna be challenging, especially during the first three days. Last time I tried to quit I couldn't focus at ALL. But this time I have Tabex and juices to counter that blood sugar drop.

Wish stay determined! :)

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Kacmins, welcome to the forum from me too.

Congratulations on your quit and may your jouney be a smooth one. :)

All the best and do keep posting to let us know how it is going.


Thank you all! I love the support here. I'll continue my rambling here for now -


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