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No Smoking Day
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Here we go round again...

Well it's been about a year since I was last on here and yet another year has gone by with me fagging it. I have a few more reasons to quit and I want this to be my final bloody time, I hope I've learned all the lessons I need to and that I know how to handle the cravings better this time.

My reasons for stopping are:

I've been smoking since I was 12 and I'm now 23 and my lungs aren't happy chappies. With every fag I feel the effect on my lungs and stomach.

I haven't been able to run since I was about 14.

My nana has emphysema and I just know that if I carry on I'll end up just like her.

I work as a personal school carer for a severely handicapped young lady. The job is very stressful and made about 10 times worse because I'm nicotine deprived and in order to have a ciggie I have to get her ready to go out in all weathers actually get out there, light up, get her back in, coats off, chair dried, chewing gum in and the fun starts all over again in about an hour. Life is far too stressful.

Winter is on its way.

Point 1 and 3 are maybe the most important for me, why should I be making myself ill with fags. Fags and stress (and bad diet) are catching up on me already so what will I be like in 20 years? Scary thought.

I've set my quit date for Sunday 12th of October because the autumn holiday starts next Monday and I've learned by experience that sleep is a good thing when going through nicotine cessation. I will need advice on how to live without fags cos I haven't had a single day as an adult without smoking. I don't know how to deal with everyday things without a smoke in hand. Pathetic and sad really...

I'm looking forward to quitting and learning how to be free.

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Congrats on your brand new quit and life. Will look forward to seeing more of you from the 12th. You will get lots of support here and beat it this time im sure. Linda xxxxxxx


Read and educate yourself about the nicotine and the withdrawal over the next 6 days. That way you will have all the information at your fingertips and quitting will be less stressful.

All the best with it.



Hi :D congrats on your decision, i am 26 and already felt the effects of too many years of smoking as well! really scary... anyway best of luck, the best advice i can give you is to read up on quitting, it really will help prepare you mentally for it, and although its difficult for all of us, it does make things easier as you know whats coming!!!! it also helps to remind yourself why you are doing it, write down your reasons and refer back to it anytime you feel weak, and post on here! we are all here to support you through it...we know how it feels!!! :) try to think about your quit in a positive light...its a good thing...embrace cravings as the start of you healing your own body...see it as you being strong and in control!!! shout out if you need to and as i said best of luck! xx


Well done, I hope you succeed.

As has already been said, read everything you can find - start on here and click peoples signature links to get to more info.

The most important factor in a successful quit is most definitely educating yourself so you know exactly what to expect - good and bad. Ask anyone - they will tell you I'm right ;)

Good luck when you get to day 1, and if you find it tough - forum abuse is a good way to vent and to get advice or just someone to shout towards :D

Helen is right too, Cravings are just your body's way of telling you that you are doing it - getting the cr*p out so that it can heal. And it starts so quickly it's unbelievable - you will notice at least 1 improvement in your body within a week.


good luck for 12th Oct...

I notice you're in Finland - some products etc we mention may not be available there but sure there will be equivalents...

Have you decided what 'method' you're gonna use? I've used Champix - wonder drug for me and many others on here - and loads and loads of chewing gum (not NRT) and herbal products for when the stress got high!!

As the others have said read read read - Allen Carr's books highly rated...as well as the web sites people have mentioned...

When I quit, the thought of "never" smoking again terrified me:eek:...this time I literally took it day by day...each morning I made a promise (wrote it in a diary) not to smoke that day - I choose not to smoke today. It worked and soon the days turned to weeks etc and then months...

Make sure you have loads of fresh fruit, juices, sugar free gums etc for the first few days when the craves are at their worst:mad:

You are young and although you've smoked for a while, the sooner you quit, the easier it will be and the greater the benefits...don't leave it til your old and wrinkly like me!!!!:eek:;)

good luck



Respect Yourself

So glad to see so many people on here trying to quit. All I wanted to say is that smoking in many ways is like the devil and it can ruine some of your best years. Don't be like me and only learn the value of life after you have been so close to losing it. Don't spend everymoment for over a year in hospital going, why didn't I just stop, I thought about it, why didn't I do it.

Life throws all kinds of things at us, but don't end up like me regretting you didn't quit while you could.

Everytime you feel tempted, stop yourself and think this could be the one cigarette that kills me or starts a road I don't want to go down.


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