Here we go again!

Hi everybody,

I've registered on these forums today for a bit of support and encouragement to do this once and for all!

I'm 22, been smoking since I was 13 and have tried many times over the past few years to quit (not successfully). In terms of NRT, I've tried gum, lozenges, patches, inhalator and tabs; had some luck with the patches and quit for a year but then re-started one night after a beer too many.

Was looking this time at trying Zyban or Champix, but after reading so much negative press and reports on the internet, I've decided to go cold turkey as of today. :)

So - here we are! My first day of being smoke free, no cravings yet as was out yesterday evening on a late one, but I'll be ignoring them from now on when they come.

Thanks for listening! :cool:

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  • Hi chris

    welcome to the forum, you have made the right choice, stay positive and we are all rooting for you xxx:)

  • Thanks!

    I'm going to do it this time no matter what it takes.

    ...or have I already done it? :P


  • Well you have already answered that!! you have already done it-you are now officially a non smoker!!

    no more standing in the cold, making an excuse to sneak away for a fag, no more smelling of smoke, no more being a slave to your addiction, no more coughing and spluttering-better world to be in i would say!!

  • Hi Chris and well done on quitting, if I'd quit when I was 22 I'd have had about £25k+ more to spend on other things up to now!!

    Read the link below if you need any reassurance you're doing the right thing :cool:

  • Hi Chris,

    well done on your quit,you will get lots of help and support on here.

    Read,read and read some more,educating yourself about smoking is the key to a successful quit;)

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for the kind responses. :)

    Just read the article in your post John, that really is nasty. :eek:

  • Hi Chris

    Welcome to the forum you will find all the help and support you need on here good luck

  • Hi Chris,

    There will be a fair few people saying this but - READ - know your enemy! The better you understand your addiction, the better equipped you are to deal with it. Preparation for those cravings and tough moments will see you through and give you a much better chance of staying stopped - or should I say staying free!

    Keep posting on here and let us know how you are getting on!

  • As the other postings say, read, read and read again. You have perhaps got a tough couple of weeks coming up - I went cold turkey and am now going into my fourth week. If I can do it, believe me you can. Good luck and keep posting with your progress.

  • Hi and welcome!

    WEll done for making the decision to quit. i quit on champax and have to say, they were brilliant. I can honestly say i did not want a cig at all!! However the 'habbit' was still there. i think this site was my life line. in the beginning i would be on here at least 5 times a day. It really helped me a lot. It gives you the power to say, whatever you want, and get it off your chest, and more or less annonamously.

    anyway my advice is to keep posting. Good luck x

  • Good luck Chris,you are doing the right thing in stopping.

  • Hi again all,

    Thanks for the further replies! :D

    Well, I'm coming up the 48 hour point so quite pleased so far...been craving a cigarette like mad for the past hour or two but it's tolerable, I've been working outside in the snow all day (8-6) and really don't want to go back out again!



  • Welcome to the forum. You WILL do it! whenever you find it difficult, just come on here and it will be a lot easier to get over xx

  • Hi Chris,

    Congrats on the decision :),

    I recommend 'Allen Carrs easy way to stop smoking'

    to help bring on a frame of mind to find it easy to stop,

    and then,

    Haunting these forums to help other smokers find a solution,

    Its great to be a non- smoker!

  • Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. When you started smoking again 'after a beer too many' as you put it, I bet you thought to yourself 'just the one won't hurt', right? And it clearly did. The trick is not listening to your brain telling you that. Many people on this forum will testify that 'just the one' will lead to resuming the habit.

    Stay strong, and be prepared! Good luck.

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