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No Smoking Day
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Day one for the....I've lost count

Just wanted to pop in and say Hi 'Waves'.

Yet another day one (I guess better many 'day 1's' than none at all but, still...) and feeling absolutely fine so far.

Two noticeable things. One - I keep finding I'm clenching my jaw a bit, notice it, and unclench.

Keep thinking 'I'll just pop outside...' and obviously, I don't. I just keep thinking it.

Those are the two main things. I'm on patches and it's by no means taking the craving away but, it's keeping the edge off.

Cooked a crust-less quiche today full of all the random veg I had in fridge and bowl. Serving two purposes - using the veg and not throwing it out - giving me something healthy to munch on from time to time. Have to say, considering I totally winged it, it tastes really rather good - and looks good too.

All is well, off to walk the Pooch now


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Welcome Looper :)

Congratulations on taking the plunge (again). I will very much hope that this proves to be the last Day One you ever have to go through. You aren't the first or the last to have made multiple quit attempts but the positive thing is that you learn something from every attempt and that all goes to make you stronger next time.

I'm really glad you've joined the forum as in my experience it is invaluable and easily the best quitting aid you'll ever find. Everyone is friendly and helpful and will do all they can to advise and support you whenever you need it. Read and post to your heart's content and keep us up to speed with how things are going for you.

Dig in deep, hold on tight and you can & will do this thing. :D


Hello looper,

So you took the plunge to what I think will be one of the best decisions of your life. That's great!

I know what you are talking about when you talk about those moments where you feel the "need" or that "tugging urge" to go outside and have a cigarette. That's the nicodemon trying to lure you back into the dark. He's a power hungry, money taking sadist, isn't he?

It gets a lot better. Try having a water bottle by your side and whenever you get those urges take up the water bottle and start to sip on it. Not only does this make the urge to smoke go away but it also gives you that "hand to mouth" habit that makes so many people fail in their quits. I found it to work really well in my first couple months of my quit then gradually you stop doing even that as the craves gets less and less.

Keep marching forward and don't be afraid to look back and give the demon the one fingered salute! :D


Good on ye for taking another swing at the bat! It takes courage to keep trying and remain focussed. You'll find as the time goes on, more and more triggers will be recognized as you learn to adapt to your world as a non smoker.

keep posting and best of luck.


Welcome back and good luck :)


Just stopped by to say good luck.

Just keep going;)

Look forward to your future posts and progress


Thanks for the support guys!

Jenny, I have a cross breed. Poodle X Bichon Frise.

He's not a designer dog - he's a mistake :p

We got him from a recognised Poodle Breeder - who's Lady Bichon accidentally met with the stud she had hired.

He's perfect for us!