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Day 1 - Attempt - ive lost count


Well Good Morning Everyone.

Today i am going to try and quit smoking again.

I think Sara is going to try with me so we can be quit buddies and help each other.

Please let this be the last time i have to go through this.

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I am on Champix yes.

I do feel that i dont want to smoke and it tastes disgusting.

I thnk its because i keep failing that i dont have much faith in my self. But i canonly keep trying. xx

We will fight this thing together hun, we`re bound to be a little disheartened as we have both failed. But in reality it hasnt beat us cause we`re still fighting back :D

Ok Sara we can do this together.

I am off now to try and keep myself busy. See you all later xxxx

It's great to see you both back and determined to beat this. That's certainly not what I'd call a failure!

Best of luck xx

Very good luck to you both.

You will do it this time I am sure you have both got a lot of strenth in you or you would not keep trying. Take it hour by hour if you must but dont give in the place is not the same with out you both. Love Linda xxxxx

Go Flippy n Sara!!!!

Welcome back to the next step you'll get this sussed ;)

~Buffy x x

Best of luck Flippy and Sara - Champix worked for me and it's the only thing which did so here's to you both and your final quit!:)

Go Girls!

You havent failed at all. You only fail if you stop trying!

GOOD LUCK and stick with us, we wont let you down!!

**** big beam of positiveness winging its way to you both ****:) :) :)

Stick with the champix you'll do fine.


Thans for the encouragement everyone. I have nearly got to the end of day 1 and it cant come quick enough. xx

I know what you mean Flippy, this must have been the longest day of my life.

See you on Day 2 tomorrow!

Lou x

Im not feeling too bad about today Flippy, hows your day been?

Hi Flippy and Sara! You both can do it this time. You have all of us right here with you. Keep telling yourself you don't need a ciggie you just had one. I did that for the first 3 days of my quit. I lied to myself and just kept saying "you don't need one, you just had one". I knew I was lying but somehow it got me to the next crave where I would repeat it again. Good Luck ladies - you CAN do it! :D

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