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I gained nearly 25 kilos. Help, please!

I made it through the Penthouse a week ago, however I have a really bad weight issue.

Ever since I quit smoking, I have gained around 25 kilos. I am now 20 years old and I weight...95 kg. If I reach the 100's I will get really desperate. Any recommendations that you can give me? For over a year, I just can't stop eating! And I mean, I eat a lot. I have also a belly and my legs have gotten really fat. I hope that you can help me and much appreciated!

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Hi very well done on reaching the penthouse:D

You will need to eat healthy, eat less , lots of fruit and veg:D

And exercise exercise and exercise. :D

You have to burn off more than you put in :D


Beer has hit the nail on the head.

I've been dieting in tandem with quitting and I can tell you I really wish there was a Weight-loss Fairy who would wave her magic wand but unfortunately there isn't. You just have to go back to basics and stick with it just like quitting.

But- if you do everything Beer says- you will see results :)

Why don't you join Jenny's weigh-in thread? I've found it really helpful.

And remember this- if you've quit smoking (and you have- you're in the PENTHOUSE!! :D) you can do anything (including losing weight). :)


I know. Our weight is such a issue, but we need to re train our brain, I know it's harsh ( shoot me down if you want). I have the same feeling of never ever feeling full.

So lets move forward.

For me I have removed all sweet items, binned them

So always have home made soup in fridge

Lots of quick eats carrots , humours, celery.

If you like fish have this at least twice a week preferably white fish, not so calorific.

I do understand that feeling.

Tinned tuna with salad is great!

Cous cous with roasted veg is filling.

Just so many foods that can fill you up, don't worry about carbs, just maybe get rid of all the fattening foods in the house, if you want something sweet, pavlova with yoghurt and berry filling is lovely.

I know it's hard, but may be go for little walks if you can:)


Hi, I will have quit for a year on June 23rd and I have put a huge amount of weight on too. So hubby and I started on the Atkins diet in February and I have lost 18 pounds (about 8kg). Due to my age/menopause it has been slower for me but then we decided to take up jogging a few weeks ago. For the first couple of weeks we just alternated running and jogging as recommended by the Race for life training plan. Then I found the couch to 5k plan on the NHS site and it's brilliant ! It is for people who haven't exercised for years to build up to running 5k over 9 weeks. You can download podcasts that talk you through each run and play music etc. We are on Week two and I can honestly say I feel better already physically and mentally. I look forward to going for a run and although it's hard work I feel brilliant each time we complete a run.


Welll done Bio both on your getting fit/losing weight campaign and on your imminent arrival in the Penthouse. What a fantasic achievement on both counts! :D


Thanks ! I can't believe it !:)


Brilliant stuff Bio, I am going to look at couch to 5k x


Am so happy to be approaching the twelve month mark and to be getting on with the diet and Couch 2 5K ! Can certainly recommend the C2 5K. If I can do it anyone can !!


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