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Not been here for a while

I've not posted for a while apart from to congratulate people who are doing remarkably well in their quit and marathon runs!! I am still smoking, more In fact than before my quit. I have to try and find some strength from somewhere to stop again. I am 40 in 2 weeks and so desperately wanted to be a non smoker by then. I keep thinking that tomorrow is the day I am going to get up and be strong and start the climb again but every day I get up and smoke the morning cigarette....inspiration would be great please!!

Thank you to all the people who have sent me messages it's lovely to know that you have been thinking of me xx

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Thanks jenny that's a good idea I just need to prize the cigarette out of my hands by then :eek:



The fear is paralysing you.

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for yourself but you're scared to death of it.

I can totally relate to smoking more. That's the fear of I can't live without it.

I think your putting a lot of pressure and stress on yourself and that is just not helpful. You are having a 'day 1' every day you must feel awful as you're failing every day and that's not the way to build up the self confidence you need for a quit.

You did 5 weeks and blew it by thinking you could have a couple of cigs with a night out. Don't knock yourself, we've all fallen for that one. BUT do remember you did 35days smoke free and you survived.

You can do this, you know you can.


Valsy :) .........I was scared of being without fags.....I had been smoking for over 40 years and couldn't see how I could ever stop. :( Stupid as it may sound, I wanted the "stopping" done for me, because I knew I couldn't do it myself. :(

So I used Champix and was so glad that after just a few days, it completely took away the craving for fags.....for me it was like magic. As it is a drug, it has to be prescribed by a doctor, but if you are struggling, maybe it'd be worth you investigating Champix as a possibility?

Val :)


Yes, Valsy - pack in the fags a few days before your birthday.

Then - as soon as you hit 40 you can casually say to folks "I used to - but, no, I haven't smoked since I was in my 30s".

That will sound impressive - and it will be impressive.


Thanks guys there are some really good ideas there. My friend has just stopped with champix and it's worked really well for her..I'm a bit worried about the side effects tho? I am literally terrified of stopping again it's a mountain that I so desperately want to climb but I'm afraid to take those beginning steps. Thank you all for your great words of wisdom as usual!


Hi Valsy, I can totally relate to being so scared about quitting, I felt just the same. Just a quick thought - you don't have to stop from the first thing in the morning, how about later on in the day, I did it at 9pm when my fags ran out and it was soon time for bed and before I knew it the first 10/12 hours were done! Just a thought, it's all mind games isn't it, best of luck.


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