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NOt been on here for a while


Good afternoon everyone.

havent been on here for ages so just saying hi.

how is everyone doing, just had a look at my smoke free app on my iphone and cannot believe it says that i have been smoke free for

33 weeks and 1 day .

cannot believe how far i have got now,

when i think about smoking all the months ago makes me laugh.

cannot believe i use to smoke in the same room where i sleep eat and yes pee.

cannot believe the first thing in the morning i would do was light a smoke up , ewwww

i smell fresh as a daisy now and love it .

hope everyone from the oct quit group is still going strong as well as everyone on the forum, whenever it is day one or year 10 good luck

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Congrats Gary on you 33 weeks.

Nice to see you back again and doing so well. Dont forget to update the group. Take care


Doesn’t the time fly once you get to a certain point and well done you for sticking with it, it’s great to see people you haven’t seen for a while come back on and post to say they are still smoke free, it says a lot for the site as well in that it’s proof that it is such a great quit booster.

Not long now and you will be perched on a stool at the bar in the penthouse not an ashtray in sight.

congrats!!!! well done! bravo!! applause!! and of couse..oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D glad to see you are doing so well.

Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Hi Gary,

Nice to see you matey. Glad to hear you are still going strong.

Don't forget to pop back and keep us updated.

Sian xxx

I love reading people ahead of me still posting and hearing they are still on the straight and narrow. Well done, you are an inspiration!


yay! thanks for coming back and letting us know Gary :) Like jamangie's pointed out... a lot of the times we don't see people on here and we fear the worst!

Sounds like the spell that smoking had on you has been properly broken (it's those that still glamourise it that find it difficult this far in) - you're in it for keeps...well done! :D

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