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No Smoking Day
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Been Here For a While But 1st Post

Hi everyone, would like to thank you all for the support you have given me in my no smoking life, now on day 92!

I am 53 and have smoked since I was about 18...I was the sort of person that you would never think would be able to stop..a real hardened smoker..I thoroughly enjoyed it and was thoroughly addicted.

My mother became ill last Dec and on 17th Jan this year was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She gave up smoking when she was my age and was 82 so hadnt smoked for 29 years.

She died on Feb 10th and I stayed with her from her diagnosis...I knew she only had weeks but Mum didnt. I knew really from Dec that she had cancer which is why I stopped on Dec 27th, she was very pleased but I dont think she ever thought I could keep it up! My father who I hadnt seen since I was 3 actually died from lung cancer as well 10 years ago...I found that out a few years ago so you know why I have stopped.

To be honest part of me thinks I may be only postponing the inevitable as I have lost both parents from this evil disease but I am at peace with that. Mum died at 82 as an ex smoker of 29 years, Dad died at 70 as a smoker so if I have inherited a gene hopefully I can be more like Mum.

I was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer in 2012, have had it all sorted and am in remission so hopefully cancer wont knock at my door again.

Seeing my Mum lose her battle for life is my motivation....however bad it gets and it hasnt been too bad considering, I will not smoke, I am too frightened to tbh.

Sorry about this sermon but this is me and I wish it hadnt taken this to stop....if ever you have a bad day and are tempted please dont, the price is so not worth it..take care all. xxx

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Lovely to have you on board, and a warm welcome.

I can understand your determination with your quit, how fantastically well your doing.:)

A inspiring post.:cool:

Look forward to reading your posts.:)


Welcome to the forum and a huge congratulations on 92 days smoke-free. You are doing brilliant, well done, and wow what an inspiring post.

Please keep posting to let us know how you are getting on. :)


Welcome Jacci,

I am so sorry that all this has happened to you but I am glad that you have shared with us. You just gave me the willpower to get through another few hours. Thank you!!! :)


Thanks all. As I said its not been too bad at all tbh. Im using an ecig and dropping down the nicotine strengths quite happily.

The last time I stopped was in Jan 2012 when I was petrified I had bone cancer, I was totally convinced i was going to die but I started again 6 weeks later when I found out I did have bone cancer! I remember telling hubby that my brain felt it was going to explode, half was overfull with cancer and the other half was overful with the not smoking!! That nicotine devil is very crafty isnt he!

The difference between now and before is I really dont want to smoke, when I look at people smoking I dont feel deprived....it really is freedom I think. Its just such a shame all this had to happen to change my mindset but better late then never...it just seems a coincidence that I have stopped the same age as Mum did bless her.

Take care all.



Hi Jacci,

I'm sorry you lost your mum but I bet she was as proud as punch of you for quitting.

You've done so well to reach 92 days and you're clearly going all the way now. Many congratulations. :)


Well done on 92 days, I'm sure your mum would be very proud of you, keep up the good work xxxx


100 days today...this has been so straighforward I cannot believe it. I know I had a very serious reason for giving up but for any new people they do say you should change your routine when you first stop.

I have always poo pooed that idea tbh but this quit started when I had no real routine at all, tooing and froing from hospital, meeting with consultants and trying to work as well...I really believe the changing of a routine really helps. I wish mine hadnt changed for the reasons it did but I am sure it helped as with all the stress involved normally it would make me want to smoke more!

BTW I do still like the smell of smoke when people are smoking but the smell of people after they have smoked I now find disgusting...that is progress indeed! I have stopped gaining weight now as well thank goodness...I am not a small person by any stretch of the imagination but only put on 6lbs and have managed to lose 2!!

I am so hoping this is the year I actually become healthier!

Take care all.

Jacci xxx


Firstly well done on 100 days but more importantly thankyou for sharing such personal information in the hope of helping others. A truly motivational post from so many angles.

I'm 4 days behind you, so look forward to seeing you in the penthouse.:D


This is the one Sue...penthouse here we come!!xx


Thanks a lot Max!!


Well done you especially with what youve been through xxx I wish you all the very best hun xxx


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