No Smoking Day

Been waiting to get here

Morning all. Five munutes ago I made two weeks, so am I really into my third week without a fag, I know I am really, but it feels so strange. First time today when I got up that I didn't really crave one. Even mentioned to my wife as I went round opening the curtains, how fresh the front room smelled now. Used to have my last few fags of the day in there when she had gone to bed. Thanks for the support I have been getting on here, appreciated. David

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Great stuff Davo,

Noticing all the wee benefits is the best. How could we live with ourselves knowing now that we smelt to high heaven?

If you haven't already had a look may I suggest that you have a look at some of the websites displayed in mine and others signatures. There is so much information available to help your quit, all written and experienced by ex-smokers. There's bound to be something that you'll connect with and hopefully make your quit an easier process.

Keep on keepin' on,



Well done Dave

week Three is fab your wife will be well pleased i find the house is much easyer to keep clean now.xxxx


Hi David :D

Into 3rd week already that's great well done and already noticing the benefits especially that early morning crave Just hang in there it will get easier and easier for you now




keep up the great work



Well done

Well done Davo,

I too am starting week 3.

Isn't it great :D :D

We will soon be reaching the 1 month mark ;)

All the very best to you!!!




Hi Eileen :D

Very well done at start of week 3 you're doing great Pat on the back is in order




Thanks to you all for your kind words and encouragement. Yes I have been reading from the links, and, I didn't think I made the house smell, know better now. Something else I learned from another place. "Don't pick up a fag, pick up the phone" have been doing it too. Hiya Eileeng73, it is good, isn't it, I could never imagine going this long without a smoke. It does help to hear all the wise words from people who have been through the same thing themselves. Thanks. David


Hi There

Another 3rd weeker here.

I cannot wait for some building work to finish at home so I can redecorate 2 rooms and clean/rip up the carpets. I have washed as many soft furnishings as I dare but I can still smell the smoke in the house!! Arghhhh.

My cravings are getting less and less which is a lovely feeling.

Keep it up and see you in Week 4!


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