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No Smoking Day
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Ive been away for a while!

morning everyone!

ive been away for a while, been really busy and cant access this site at work anymore so cant pop on during the day. Ive struggled to get on at night too as I dont want my boyf to be an internet widow!!

I will have been quit for 2 whole calendar months on the 7th May. I have to say there are still some times when that old nic demon tries to play tricks on me but Im a non smoker now!

Ive been thinking about everyone and hope you are all doing ok, especially the MMQ!


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Hi Sam :D

Great to hear from you again and well done on almost 2 months quit that's wonderful I hope you're proud of yourself


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Moog,

Great to hear from you, and especially great to hear that you are a non-smoker :D. Two months (almost!) is fab, still 19 days before I get there too. Keep strong.



Hi Moog I am so glad you are ok, great to hear you are two months free life is so much better with out the cigs dragging you down.

Hugs :)


hey guys, thanks for the support. I ve managed to put 10 lbs on but am sorting that out now. seem to be doing so many other things now im not controlled by the fags!!

great to her you are doing so well with your quits too xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Well done Moog, 2 months almost done is fantastic, i will be 2 months quit on 11th may. It feels so good to be a non smoker and have lots of extra time to do other things and yes i too have gained weight, maybe we should set up a weight loss forum! ha ha, its good to hear from you and glad you feeling good, take care,



tracey yes I think we should set up a weight loss group. I was really good woth food to start off with then at the end of a miserable week 3 I let rip and ate the world!! it was good but now im just rolling around like a weeble!!

My first goal is to loose 9lbs so here goes!!:D


Hi moog, just laughing at your comment (rolling around like a weeble) ive been telling everyone im the new teletubby!, Dont think i can set my goal that high (9lb), mine will be more like 2lb! My healthy eating is gonna start tommorrow, but i have got my daughters 3rd birthday on monday, so maybe i could entertain them all, im sure i could find 3 others to join me and become the teletubbies just for her, ha ha,



Hi Sam

Was thinking of you yesterday so pleased your well and still quit. 2 months is fab work the time has gone fast good for you girl.xxxxx


Nice going Moog!! I am with ya... got about 9 lbs to lose!!! Thought of joining a health club... visited one yesterday but man it stank there :eek: So instead I threw my left over peanuts, cheesitz and gummy bears in the trash..... NO MORE I say :D:D


weeble alert!

well i started weight watchers last tuesday, the shame of being 12stone 6.5lbs! oh god, Im only 5 foot 2. I am officially a weeble. the 9lbs is 5% of my body weight and the leader has set that as my first challenge.

Cant believe Ive actually wrote my weight on here but hey you lot have been there through my quit, now to get rid of the flab!!:D


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