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No Smoking Day
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Hello (again!)...it's been a while!

Hii there,

So...I've tried a few times to quit and never quite had the resolve I think...even though I kid myself I did!

But I decided to get through the first 2 weeks before posting...and I've done it! I didn't plan to quit, I woke up one day with the world's worst most horrific hangover known to man and decided there and then to stop! And it's worked.

I have also quit alcohol, until my birthday which is on 30th June...

I feel great...I do miss the cigs...but I haven't really made a big fuss about quitting, which has helped me this time...as it hasn't constantly been in my head.

I'm living in Australia until next year, and I tried to quit before I came in May but it didn't work out. Cigarettes are about £10 a pack here which helps me not want to buy them too lol.

Best of luck everyone on your quits, I shall be checking in from time to time...


Coralie x

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Well done Coralie,

I too decided to get a week under my belt before posting my quit (again!).

I am glad it is going well for you and wishing you all the best.

Gaynor xx


Well done Coralie, good to see you back. I think the £10 per pack would be a great motivator for me to.

Keep at it mate, you are doing well xx


Welcome back hun, good to hear from you again and well done x


£10 a pack? :eek::eek:

Sorry you didn't make it last time Coralie, hope this is THE quit.

H x


Wish they were that expensive here i'd have never started!


Well done Coralie ....lets hope this quit is the mother of all quits for ya :D

Regards Trev


Thanks guys I really appreciate the support :)

Still going strong, hope everyone is doing good!



hey there..happy 2 weeks without a cig!! and we also share the same birthday..june 30...so happy almost birthday..all the best..nice to see ya back hun..keep it up!!


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