Day FOUR and still alive and so are those around me!

ok day 4 and I'm still alive and breathing. Was so tired last night I passed out at 9 pm and wokeup at 4:30 am. This did not help the stress I had at my first day to work as a non smoker. ( have my co-workers always been so annoying?) I've decided to work from home tomorrow as it was almost to much but I got through it!!!!! Is anyone else on day 4?

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  • Hi Benny.

    I'm not on day 4. I'm on day 70 but I still sometimes fall asleep too early in the evening and then wake too early. It's really annoying if you have to go into work next day.

    But the benefits of not smoking are amazing! I'm eating well (food tastes so good!) and I'm getting loads more exercise and I have spare cash each month to spend on nice things for me.

    Quitting smoking is the best thing I've ever done and I wish you well in your quit.

  • hi benny, well done on being at day 4, day 2 myself so looking forward to joining you in the week 2 pages :) i too find work a difficult tíme, so i have to wear a patch at work, cold turkey was too stressful.

    what i found that is helpful for me, quite by accident, is to start mentioning to everyone that i'm quitting, i was amazed how many people are ex-smokers and how supportive they are - my mornings now start with the guy who keeps our room tidy giving me a pep talk on my day ahead, and during the day others pop in to ask how i'm getting on. i've been lucky, and it helps that i've tried quitting before so they all know how weak i am! but look hard enough and i'm sure you'll find people to chum you along too,

    best of luck, look forward to hearing what strategies you find to deal with the dreaded 'work' place, 5mol<er

  • Hi Benny I am on Day 258 I think and I still have days were I zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Sorry Benny did I nod off on you, it happens all the time. Does get better though and now I am not sleeping half as much as I was befor I quit.

  • Hi Benny - well done on getting to day 4. Im nearly at the end of day 2 and I am so tired. Almost nodded off at my desk to day and I fell asleep at 6pm as soon as I got in the house. The people at my work know I have not had a cigarette for 2 days - 1 guy has been great he has stop for 7 weeks (he referred me to this forum) but I know the other non smokers dont understand. I think Ill eventually get a 'ooh for goodness sake' just go and have one if its that bad and I probably will. Getting angry even typing that sort of reaction and its making me want to go and have one now. grrrrrrr


  • Hey Melissa,

    Head UP!!!! I'm lucky my boss quit 3 years ago so he's understanding. But you just have to ignore some people. On my day 2 we had a big family dinner I only stayed for an hour a it was to much being around 20 people. As I was leaving I tried to explan to my step sister that I was tired and wasn't quite ready to be around lots of people. She just kept going on that she knew how that felt and she likes being alone sometimes to. She didn't even try to understand it was withdrawl. I just try to talk to supportive people and ignore the others as much as possible. Come on and catch up. Your only 3 days behind!!!! haha Next week we'll be in the same boat!

  • BTW my latest tip that helped me. I went to a park today and jumped on the swings. I probably haven't been on a swing since I was a kid. Come to think about it last time I was on a swing I hadn't started smoking. It felt great and all I could think was boy it would be impossible to swing and smoke.

  • Swings are still great as a grown up thats normally one for on the way home from the pub i am such a big kid. Only a day and a half and i will reach your point but well done on reaching day 4

  • Day 6 I can't belive it. The huge test comes tonight..... the dreaded.... PARTY wish me luck everyone. I'll need it

  • Good luck i have to do that one tomorow night. You just need to think positive and hide from the smokers (i cant talk though still got this one to come) and you will be fine. Hope you have a good night

  • I'll make sure to leave advice on how I got through it.

  • Hi Benny, have a great party tonight, the first party I went to after quitting wasn't half as bad as I thought, the smokers (what few there were) kind of grouped together, safety in numbers and all that, and I felt actually pleased to be out of it. Go to the party proud of what you've achieved and of the person you are and have a fab time.

    Lorraine :)

  • Went to the party 80% smokers. Couldn't smoke, couldn't drink or I'd smoke but I got through it. I decided that I wasn't ready for all that yet but at least I made up my own mind, took control and said goodnight. A old friend who's 5 year anniversary is coming up next month gave me great advice to think about while I was in a party situation and it really worked

    1. I can smoke any time I want I just choose not too right now.

    2. I am going to want a smoke whether I have one or not so what is the point in having one.....

    So I feel like a little old lady sitting at home on riday night.... I won't have regrets tomorrow and this can't last forever.

    When I wake up I will be a non smoker for a week!!!

  • Great advice. Last night was my first drink since I Quit. As probably a few people read I planned to go to the shop just before 10pm, buy drink, and then no fags are available after that as the shops shuts at 10 anyway.

    It worked a treat.

    I bought a pack of tins at 8.30, by the time I got home and drank a couple it was 10pm and the shops were shut. Didn't realy feel like a smoke, and would be hard pushed to get a packet after 10 anyway.

    Not ready for the pub yet thou, baby steps.

  • I'm thinking of wine at home tonight to celebrate no smoking last night. My neibour doesn't smoke so hopefully he'll join me

  • hey guys meet me in week 2 yippee

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