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21 months.....and 20 days to go.


This is a repeat of my added post to my LM thread in the "General" section, but I thought it should probably be here as well....

The London Marathon is 20 days away now; I've just completed yet another 10k training run, I finished a 13 mile half marathon eight days ago, with another coming this Sunday. My recorded training miles total is now near 400.

This is all frankly barmy :eek:.

21 months ago today I smoked my, to date, last cigarette. I haven't touched one since, but at the time I stopped, I could not breathe properly. I was wheezing while I laid in bed, my teeth were discoloured and the skin on my hands, I remember, was dry like parchment, among other things. After a bout of illness one weekend, I decided to see how long I could stop for. After 30 days of stubbornness, the red mist cleared and I haven't wanted one since. Today I don't miss it, which is the biggest gift of the lot.

When I went out for my first trot with my wife in August 2012, we ran ran a mile and a half in 27 minutes (while stopping, as I remember, because she wanted to watch a squirrel we saw on the path!!). It was exhausting, slow and laboured, but a start. I've since done three half marathons, raising money for two charities so far, with the London Marathon likely to be the biggest run I'll ever manage. I'm not built for Ultras :p!

Every step I've taken so far, every penny I have raised for both Cancer Research and Diabetes UK, have come from this forum and the people on it. I posted on here after three days, and almost every day afterwards in the first few weeks. I got answers every time, not always the ones I wanted, but usually what I needed.

When I get to the start line in Greenwich on Sunday April 13th (as far ahead as I like to look!) in my Team Diabetes UK colours, believe me, the guys on this forum will not be far from my thoughts. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, to anyone who wants to, and mainly to anyone who's ever responded to any of my posts, especially early on in my red-misted quit ;)

And to anyone starting out, or struggling, if you're a quitter of my type, I can tell you.....it DOES pass, it DOES get better, it DOES go away, even though it doesn't feel like it ever will. If you dig in, get stubborn, post post and post again, and give yourself a bit of time, it CAN be done. Believe me, I know.

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Wonderful post Steve- just goes to show what we can accomplish if we put our minds to it. I shall be rooting for you on the day.

Flipping fantasic. :)


Brilliant post, loved reading your journey and just in awe of your achievements to date.

From sitting smoking on 'couch' to quitting and running 26 miles, just fab:)

Please everyone, let's donate the price of a packet of Cigs and help our very own 'Forum Angry Bear' reach his target for 'Diabetes UK'.


Fi x

Pure inspiration :D

Steve..... your a legend, truly inspiring.

I'm standing up clapping and shouting here before you've even started. Such an inspirational post.

Keep going fella. You are nearly at the two year mark. :)

Amazing, what a story .

Just fantastic, :)

A truly inspiring post that will help many I,m sure.!

Soooo happy for you, you've struck gold and won the health lottery. :)

Thanks all for your suport.......last weekend I completed my fourth half marathon; this time next week I will be in a Westminster hotel waiting for the off the next day.......

The official VMLM page is apparently offering a tracking system next Sunday, if you want to know where on the course I am, type 39132 (my race number) into the search box or whatever they have (I've never seen it and it's only on the page on the day (next Sunday)), and it should show where I am via the electronic chip that will be tied to my trainer. Start gun is 10am.

The link's below.


Thank you to everyone for their support since I started this silliness :) my target amount is just about there so I'm not plugging for cash, just wanted to thank everyone who's ever posted or read my rubbish. I couldn't have been doing this without you. :o

AngryBear, I am sure you will do well. It's so exciting to know one of the 'forum family' is running the London Marathon!

Loads of luck from me (not that you need it in view of all the training you've done. I think you'll run as though your feet have sprouted wings. :))

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