21 Days today, where do we go from here?

21 days today,

yippppeeeeeeeeeee, well done everyone :D

So here, this might seem like a silly question but do I stay in the 3 weeks section until next friday when I will have stopped a month?

Or have I been in the wrong section the whole time :-/

Maybe I am making this more complicated than it is lol.

Anyway, happy Friday :D

Jill xxx

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  • Was thinking that myself :confused:

  • DOH, tis too hard to comprehend, it's getting me all flustered and stressed too :confused:

  • Was thinking the same myself...! :confused: Will just have to go to Month 1 for the next week, then month 2 the week after!

  • Think this is my fave thread....you have all managed to conquer the nicodemon and stay off the cigs for 3 whole weeks - something that at times seems impossibly hard....yet no-one can figure out which thread to post on!!!!:o

    Not that i have the answer either;)

  • Day 21 ers

    We should make an informed decision here lol, it seems silly for us to go to the month seciton when we haven't stoped a month. Wil we all just stay here until next week.

    I am comfy here anyway!

    Don't stress!

    Jill xxx

  • I'm happy to hang around here Jill but at the end of next week are we '4 weekers' or 'Monthers', is a month 4 weeks or 30days or 31 days :confused:

    DOH, tis too hard to comprehend, it's getting me all flustered and stressed again :eek:

  • Pete,

    Does it matter? I think we will be able to go to the 1 month section after we have stopped a month. I would feel a bit silly posting 22 days in a month section. But if we are moving up a step someone esle can post first lol.

    Jill xxx

  • Decision made, i'll move up on the 28th Day........... that's a Lunar month :)

  • Well done, I was never good at making decisions, that sounds like a good reason so I will join you this time next week!

    Jill xx

  • Agreed (stress relieved):p

  • A whole month this time next week, cannot believe it!

  • Hi Jill

    Well done on the 21 days, are you having many cravings or urges? I am still getting some in the evenings usually after dinner. Anway not long for the month!!



  • Hi Carl,

    Yes, still getting cravings, can shrug a lot of them off but i'd say there's about 3 a day that are quite intense generally sometime in the morning and then night time.............. but i will NOT surrender!!!!

  • Hi Pete,

    Same here Pete, no surrender! I suppose on the flip side there are times when I don't even think about a fag. Keep up the good work!

  • Its odd the way they are laid out isn't it.

    I think the way the october group did it was

    week 2 = day 8 - 14

    week 3 = day 15 - 21

    Month 1 = day 22 - to end of calender month

    and so on. We could never work out if that was right or not :confused:

    I think as long as you are still not smoking whi cares where you post. Just as long as it is not back on day 1.

    Well done all of you for getting this far, you're doing fantastic.

    Sian :p

  • Thanks Lev!

    Yeah it is confusing!

    I will follow everyone else who has quit on the 1st, see what they do.

    I still get the odd craving but it is just that, very odd one, I crave sweet things now, think I just have an addictive personality and need a crutch of some description but from Monday passed I have been eating healthy. I see a huge diffence in my skin since I stopped :D

    Jill xxx

  • Sugar craving is all part and parcel of it i'm afraid.

    When you smoke, one of the stimulant effects of nicotine is to give you a little adrenalin rush that makes the body 'dump' sugar into the blood stream, in anticipation of the need to fight or run from a threat. Having stopped smoking, your body does not get the hunger suppressing action of nicotine and your blood sugar levels remain lower at all times. The net result is that you crave sugar in order to try and rectify the problem. The main threat to smokers suffering from this is that they then go on to eat junk foods regularly, such as chocolate or sweets. The end result that many smokers fear more than the threat of tobacco to their health, is weight gain. The trick to overcome this is to eat plenty of low glycaemic index (GI) foods throughout the day to stave of blood sugar highs and lows.

    I put on weight when I quit. Ginger biscuits were my sugar craving and I ate and ate and ate them. Now 3 mths down the line I am getting on top of it and at the gym 4 times a week and losing the weight. Lost almost 1/2 of it already, only been being good for 3 weeks.

    Stay strong, you can stay quit.


  • Sian,

    I agree, I read somewhere else that the craving is down to low blood sugar too. I feel guilty becasue my whole family are diabetics and I should know what foods to be eating however I was just lifting anything and everything.

    This will prob gross you out but when I was a smoker I was able to eat very little when I ate meals but now not only am I so hungry all the time, my body doesnt actually know when i is full up. The other night I got a chippie and had a chip with cheese and garlic mayo on it and a battered mars bar and then a muffin after that (boke i know) I ate it all and believe it or not could have ate more but then when I went to bed I just strated throwing up from the over eating. That was my lesson, I am now eating very small meals and snacking on fruit and vegetables.

    Jill xx

  • I know where you're coming from Jill.

    Last night i had a 12" pizza to ones self, 1 pack of cococnut ring biscuits, apple pie & custard, 1 bag of Devon Toffee, 1 bag of Midget Gems, half a block of cheese and a look of distain from the wife :rolleyes:

  • I know where you're coming from Jill.

    Last night i had a 12" pizza to ones self, 1 pack of cococnut ring biscuits, apple pie & custard, 1 bag of Devon Toffee, 1 bag of Midget Gems, half a block of cheese and a look of distain from the wife :rolleyes:

    MMMMM yum, don't even like coconut rings and it still sounds good. Devon toffee though, yum yum yum.

  • 21 days here also so i will continue to say 3 weeks until next week whn i can say a month...i think thats right! right?? lol congrats all :D

  • Congrats on getting this far, feels great doesn' it?

    Yeah I think that is what we are planning to do.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Jill xx

  • This debate on where to go having completed 3 weeks always comes around ... never fails to confuse yet bring many smiles :)

    Generally folk go to the 'time' that they are just about to begin.

    There is no week 4 as you've realised. Go to Month 1, seems a shame to miss it. Your only going to be in there a week anyway ;)

    At the end of Week 3 having been completed you move into and begin your Month 2 of quitting.

    It's a little odd and yep, confusing ... but only for that one week spell.

    At the end if doesn't really matter where you post ..... just enjoy being quit :)

    Great to see all Jan quitters moving on and up :cool:

  • Awk Pol,

    Now you have confused me again :-/

    So we should go into 1 month, even though we haven't been quit a month, then after that go into month 2?!

    21 dayers, what shall we do?

    Jill xx

  • Sorry Jill :D

  • I've buried my head in the sand :rolleyes:

  • Yes Jill..... tomorrow we would be starting week 4 where we would naturally post - as we would be in week 4, but as theres no week 4, we post in Month 1.

    Only thing is.... i wont feel like im entering Month 2 until i reach 1st Feb!!!

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