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No Smoking Day
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Day 21 - housework issues

OK, this is boring. Housework used to go something like this: Hoover, cigarette, strip the beds, cigarette, ironing, cigarette, clean sheets on beds, cigarette, put clean washing and ironing away, cigarette.

Even I can't eat enough chocolate to substitute that many cigarettes!! Now it is hoover, forum, strip the beds, forum, ironing, forum.......etc etc. Not as much of a reward but stops me smoking!!!


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I could of not said it better myself...thats just how I am...been ironing...and then poppin on here, inbetween, the shirts and other stuff...lol...



Hi Beccy, I have read your reply to my thread. There is nothing wrong with what you have here why should you not complain about having all this Housework. Hoover, strip the beds, ironing, clean sheets on beds, put clean washing and ironing away, I would complain if I had all that to do and have to smoke in between. God lassie I can see why you have stopped smoking you just did not have time for fags and do all that lot. To make it worse you have to come on the form as well now. :D

I'm not being serious this is all fun I'm was not speaking about ranting which we all need to do sometimes. We need to get things off our chest from time to time and this is what this place is for. What I was going on about is people complaining because they feel they are not allowed to smoke like others are telling them they can't when it's their decision. I don't know if I'm making sense so I'd better shut up.

Okay this would have been my day yesterday, get up have breakfast, cigarette, work on accounts, cigarette, work on accounts, cigarette, work on accounts, cigarette, work on accounts, until around 9pm last night when I finished them. But instead it was work on accounts until 9pm last night then a cup of tea and came on here for a little while and then went to watch TV.

So now I'm complaining okay.:)

Jack xx


The thing is......

Reading all these posts on the forum take a lot longer than one cigarette!!! Therefore all i have done today is sheets and ironing. I need to hoover!!!

Your day seemed about as thrilling as mine, i was trying chocolate as my rewards but I am now sick of that too!!

Your reply did make sense, it was our choice to stop and no-one elses. Yes it's hard!! Very hard but it's a do it or don't do it situation. I could happily walk to the shop now and buy a packet of fags, but I know i won't because there is no way will i be going through those 1st few days again!!

So there. Another rant over, and now, i must go and do some hoovering. My reward after that will be going out for a meal later on for my mummy's birthday!!!



I spent all day cleaning and cooking yesterday

I'm amazed at how much I got done yesterday compared to what I normally do. But I was knackered as I couldn't sit down otherwise I'd have wanted a ciggie.

Anyway today hasn't been quite so productive as I've got a 400 mile drive to do later on to get to work for tomorrow morning. So patches are packed and now just have to sort out what I'm going to wear!


My day used to consist of wake up Tea and ciggy then anther tea and ciggy and then another ciggy then get up and have anther ciggy and more tea and then more ciggies and then, Oh sod that for a game of soldiers no wonder I packed in smoking hadnt got time for anything else, so now have time for loads of things and dont have to change the sheets every other day cause OH didnt ever smoke and even after shower he reckoned he could still smell it so now get away with once a week, and no ashtrays to wash woop eeee

So go out join a night school take up sky diving or do something exciting to make the heart race LOL better than smoking isnt it.


Thanks all.

Have just been for a lovely meal, didn't want to rush out for a fag straight after either. Didn't even think about it tbh! Maybe had something to do with the fact that i had eaten 3 whole courses of delicious food (me, eating lots - there's a surprise!) and couldn't walk, let alone smoke!!

Back home now, feeling stuffed to the brim.

Still don't want a cigarette!



I'm so glad that you have found the time to relax and I'm being serious. As I said earlier I'm now nearly 3 months stopped and tonight I found myself really wanting something and I felt very angry. A simple trip to take my kids to their friends with a visit to the coop on the way so my kids could take some food with them turned into a not so nice trip. They are going to a friends to stay overnight but they never get fed there or at most of their frends houses and this annoys me. So they had to get some food to take with them or go hungry. I told them I did not have much money on me and of course Heather asked for three pizzas at about £2.50 each. I said no I'm not paying that I won't go into too much more detail but we fell out for a few minutes, I think I was more annoyed that they need food with them if their friends come to us they are well looked after. I do think it was me getting angry because of not smoking, now I've had a rant.

We did make up and all is okay.:)

Jack xx


I make you right..

I wouldn't expect to have to buy my kids food to take to someone elses house either, whenever their friends come to mine, i always make sure I have food in - i would expect their friends parents to return the favour if mine went to theirs.

No wonder you were angry. Glad it's all ok now though.

I am still stuffed - may have to have an early night! I can't believe what a greedy pig i was tonight - will start the exercise plan soon.......maybe!!


T'is day 21 for me too Becky. Least I think it is - I keep losing count! Time seems to be going so very slowly. But then I expect that sooner or later we stop counting and just highlight the milestones.


hey beccyboo ha ha the housework is the one!! lol made me laugh...ure doing good though no thinking of smokes after a meal now that is something to smile about xx well done you x fight the good fight & punch the pillows like chrissie say lol xx


I think the best way around the association with finishing a piece of housework and a cig is to also give up housework- honestly, u don't wanna see the state of my house at mo'- another month, or maybe two, I might feel string enough to do a bit of hoovering or dusting......


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