Wellcome to the penthouse

Hi all ,I've finally arrived one year without a ciggy,and feel great had a bit of a weight problem but now going to a gym lost 9lbs in the last 4 weeks I know it's not much but I do feel better for it,for those that don't know me ,I'm nearly 59. Smoked for 40 odd years 30/40 a day,then found out I had mylomea ,a bone cancer ,no cure but treatable,I had a tumour in my right shoulder ,then they stopped me working ,disabled me off ,as if I bang my self it could turn into a tumour ,so I've got to be wraped in cotton wool a bit,I decided to give up smoking ,and was advised it could help ,so I went for it,not easy very stressfull

On top of every thing else but stuck to it with the help and support from a lot of people on here,for that I am great full ,as I've said before,it was never easy,a lot of it is in the mind ,just habit,so with a lot of determination ,and will power I went for it started with champix ,but after a few weeks felt ready to go for it ,and here we are,not even a drag have I had,and now can't stand the smell,even ,so it's steak and champagne for my dinner today as I reach this big mile stone,well steak and a beer,lol, looking forward to life ,and to year two ,good luck to you all and may you all live life to the full,:)

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  • Brought tears to my eyes reading the replies ,love you all,xxxx:)

  • Wow, you're truly an inspiration Alan. Huge congratulations reaching the Penthouse, so richly deserved.

    What a wonderful day, I hope you enjoy your steak and beer :)

  • Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you as no one deserves this more than you! To have managed to quit at such a stressful time is so amazing. Hats off to you Alan and huge congratulations!


  • Massive congratulations Alan, your posts have been really inspiring, well done and enjoy your celebratory dinner this evening :) xx

  • Congratulations,

    You've definitely earned your view from the penthouse.:D

  • I'm delighted to read that too, Alan! I hope you feel rightly proud of your amazing achievement and that you really enjoy your steak and beer! Have one on me!



  • Alan

    So, so pleased for you my love:). Well done, you are an inspiration. Despite the hurdles you've been through health wise, you have quietly gone about your quit with a positive, steely determination. Well done Alan.

    Fi x

  • Alan, I take my hat off to you, I really do. You're a true inspiration. Everyone who reaches the Penthouse deserves a huge round of applause but you even more than most.

    Many, many congratulations and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your steak and fizz. :)

  • Many many thanks

    Thank you every body I have tears in my eyes ,and a lump in my throat ,boyi thought it got easier,lol,god bless you all,xxxx:)

  • Thank you every body I have tears in my eyes ,and a lump in my throat ,boyi thought it got easier,lol,god bless you all,xxxx:)

    Alan, you have tears in your eyes, I had tears in my eyes reading that post. I am so in awe of you Alan, I think you are Flipping brilliant! Well done you.xxx

  • Great work. Many congratulations on a magnificent achievement.

  • Many congratulations on reaching the penthouse Alan, feels great doesn't it :D


    Make yourself at home and enjoy those amazing views


  • Excellent - welcome to the penthouse Alan, what do you think of the view?? So clear from here! Great news, sooo pleased you got to the one year mark - congrats and I hope you're rightly proud. :)

  • Sorry I missed this yesterday Alan.

    Well done and welcome to the Penthouse!! :D It's truly a great feeling of achievement and something you should always be proud of! Xxx

  • Once again I thank every body on this forum .because without your help I would not have got here ,it does feel good to reach this mile stone ,just shows what you can do if you try,thank you one and all:)

  • Well done Alan. Sorry I am a bit late. You were always in control of your quit which is something most of us look up to. Excellent stuff and here's to another year of being smoke free. :)

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