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No Smoking Day
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Entry to A Mini Penthouse

Knock Knock! :-)

A year ago today, I quit the fags with the "assistance" of a e-cig. As some of you know I quit the e-cig just over two weeks ago.

I walk into the mini penthouse Nicotine free but it'll be another 50 odds weeks until I claim my full penthouse membership as want to be a year completely off any sort of smoking related activity before collecting that beauty.

That said, I'm pleased to be in the mini-penthouse and not been smelling for a year.

Not going to go into the merits of qutting with the e-cig as seen too many fall outs on here regarding that but what I would say to any newbie is:

A. DO IT - It is soooo worth it!

B. Find your way - everyone is unique and everyone has different ways to quit, NRT, Cold Turkey, E-Cig, CHampix - whatever it is - quit and be proud of being quit/!

and finally:

IT DOES GET BETTER! I CAN'T PROMISE YOU THAT ENOUGH! The craves will go, the pangs, the constant wanting - it will all subside and eventually go!

That's all - except to say - thanks to the forum for all the support!


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Thanks for the congrats peeps!

It is quite a quiet little penthouse, this mini one. I know I am being harsh on myself but really want a year without any "smoking/vaping" stuff before entering the fully loaded Penthouse! I'm just having a gander through the windows at the moment! :-)


Well done to you on a year without fags :D massive acheivement :D


Chris, I think you're too hard upon yourself (but I thoroughly and wholeheartedly admire you :)).

As far as I am concerned, you have a place in the Real Penthouse whenever you want it (and a laurel wreath with your name on it).

You're a star and an inspiration and you deserve all sorts of good things. Whether in the actual or mini Penthouse, I do hope you will celebrate your arrival in suitable style. :D


Just fantastic, brilliant :)


Congrats Chris, It surprising when you get to this stage how far you have come and the months have just fell by, I used to think OMG! How the hell can anyone smoke for so long and the just quit, then as I was ready as after some attempts and next thing that was that.

Good luck on going full on without the eciggy thingy :)


Whats with the mini penthouse, get yourself in the real one. No fags for a year means you are entitled to go in the Penthouse. Well done xxx

Absolutely agree with this, admire you but you haven't "smoked" for a year, you deserve to be in the penthouse massive congrats are in order :) xx


Congratulations Chris!!! I think you've got the worst of it behind you! I know the nicotine is out of our systems in relatively short time but the additives withdrawal and other physiological changes and balancing out takes up a good part of the year. As Max said, now you can tackle the physical aspects like hand-to-mouth gestures and I hope for you it's easy going!! Again, congratulations and best wishes!!!


Chris, you have done a whole year without smoking tobacco.....I think that is fantastic, very well done to you! :) I hope you feel justly proud of yourself. :)

The e-cig question....well, that's a personal decision and there is a wide range of views on that here!

Well done.



Thanks guys! I do feel proud and rightly so - a year (and one day! sidenote: remember the early days when one day used to feel like a year! - it really get so much easier) without the fags is fantastic!

The e-cig is a tough question, I had to stop it as I didn't want to become a full time "Vaper" and looking at it, I was at nearly a year of vaping. Obviously, there are some big similarities to smoking (nico addiction, hand to mouth, waiting for the next fix etc) and that makes me uncomfortable to be in the penthouse as a fully paid up member. It's just my opinion and the standards I set for myself!

In essense, the e-cig is a just a safer form (as wiki would say, citation needed) of smoking but that doesn't mean it can't help you to quit full time. In the e-cigs defense, it is easier (but still hard) to quit it than smoking. Its just whether you want to go through two quits.

Anyway, I'm rambling!



Hi Chris, well done on your year (+ one day) Tobacco free, and well done for quitting the e cig too. I'm also a great believer in any method that works to help stop smoking. I used an e cig briefly but wasn't keen on it really - it helped for a time though. :):)


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