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No Smoking Day
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i love the penthouse

i am still in shock that the last 12 months have gone so quickly and yeah there has been times when i was tempted to just have that one ciggy (that nicotine demon is so annoying) ((my cravings normally came from watching someone smoking on tv as in real time the smell just makes me feel so sick))

but i kept reading my list of reasons and to be honest ive had so much going on sadly mostly negative and very emotional things but i was determined not to use that as an excuse to start again

im just sorry that ive not been on here to offer support to others i will try my best to help now im getting my head sorted out

well done to all that have also celebrated a period of time even if its just one day :D

you may think thats not long but if you keep your mindset on your goals and especially saving the money you would have spent and spending it on treats for yourself

you will find a time when your not constantly thinking of i need a fag it will get easier and this forum will help as everyone who comes on here knows where your coming from

bye for now Carol

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Well done Carol it's great to hear from people in the penthouse and know it can be done.

Keep me a seat hope to be there soon.

Maria. x:)


well done many congratulations i am not far behind now


thank you for your posts :D think we are going to have to expand the penthouse to make sure everyone has a seat :)


Congratulations Carol on your first full year totally free.

I was wondering where u had got too. Its a bit wet looking out of the windows in the penthouse today hun but for us the sun is shinning.

Here's to the next year xx


congrats carol!!!!!!!! what a great milestone to celebrate! :D

we will be there shortly so please get started on making room:p

all the best and enjoy this day and celebrate!!


Good to see you back Carol, sorry you've been having a rough time of it, but, you haven't cracked have you. Pat on the back time I think. Well done on your year. David




Congratulations on your year anniversary.

Hope you treat yourself to something really nice with all that money you have saved.x

See you in the penthouse on Sunday. :D


:D:D thank you all for the lovely messages i actually think we wilbe having a party in the penthouse all weekend there wilbe room for everyone just have to make sure we dont run out of booze or ice :p



Whoops, sorry for late response, but....

....AWESOME news Carol, Congratulations :D


Well done you for sticking with it, the Penthouse is not an easy place to get too, but once you find yourself up there admiring the view you realise why you have put so much effort into reaching it.

Drinks are on the house and sorry for being late with the well wishes x


:D thank you for the messages and dont worry about being late i still apprciate them :D

you guys helped so much in the begining and it helps me even more helping others that have been in the grip of the demon nicorette


Sorry I also missed the date!



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