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Made it to the Penthouse! Now point me to the bar!

Well who'da thunk it?! Here I am making myself at home in the Penthouse. (Very nice it is too I might add :D)

Yeppers, I'm one year quit! (One year and two days actually but my celebrations over the weekend have kept me so busy I haven't had time to post).

I actually can't believe I've made it this far. I remember clearly the early days and weeks of my quit. There were times I thought the cravings would never stop and that I'd forever remain in a perpetual state of withdrawal. I turned to this forum for support on many occasions and would often be told "Don't worry, it will get easier" and "I hardly even think about smoking anymore".

I struggled to accept that at first. Obviously these people had really easy quits. If they knew how MY quit was going they'd soon change their tunes!

But they were right! It really does get easier and I rarely think of smoking now. When it does cross my mind, the thought is dismissed almost as quickly as it arrived.

If you're finding your quit tough, please, please hang in there! It is so worth it. I feel AMAZING for having quit. I'm fitter, healthier, more attractive, more confident and richer to boot!

The one year milestone is a big one, but I'm well aware that the journey is far from over. One puff will put me right back to the start. Nicodemon's a git like that you know, give it an inch and it'll take a mile.

I wish you all the best in your quits - hope to see you at the Penthouse bar soon!


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Well done, well said and....I can't think of another 'well' :confused:

Oh yeah....

Welcome to the Penthouse :cool:


Woot woot :D


Well done Angie

And I agree with you about it getting easier, it really does?

Just popping to the bar you want anything?




Hi Angie,

I'm only five days into my quit with champix and the necessary willpower and when i read posts like yours they are truly inspiring for all of us in the early days of battling it out with the evil nico-demon. Congratulations and enjoys your Guinness up there in the penthouse. Long way for me to go , but taking one day at a time.




Hey pammie :)

I just wanted to see how you were doing on day 5...

I am really having a hard 3&4 was the worst!

We went out of town for my husbands birthday and I swear , EVERYONE

around me was smoking!!!

Yesterday I ran to the store, said I was not ready and bought a pack.

I came home excited to lite one up, as my husband and kids were disappointed I can tell, which made me feel Like a complete failure. But as I lit it , and took a puff, It was the most DISGUSTING tasting smellyest thing I've ever put in my mouth, I threw it down and stomped on it. I was excited, but at the same time I felt very sad. Idk if that makes sence. I couldn't understand why i was craving such a nasty thing. But I was extremely relieved.

I'm going to say I'm proudly on day 5 with a little mishap yesterday .(what a waste of $5)

I'm going to stay strong, chew lots of gum, start walking every morning, and gym in evening. I will do it, because I never want to put that nasty smelly thing near me again, and honesty , I can't believe that's what I smelled like ? I feel bad for my husband who had to.smell that for.the last 8 yrs.

Keep your head up, I hope I'm helping you, as much as your words have helped me.

Danielle :)



congrats and let me buy you a drink

well done



Congratulations, Angie. These posts really are so helpful for those of us in the relatively early stages! Many thanks for sharing - and a huge well done you!



wow wtg angie.



Had to laugh at the cigarette machine in prime position by the bar. In my penthouse there are no fag machines......


ha ha i didnt even notice that pmsl x


Congrats and Welcome to the Penthouse.

Its nice seeing everyone starting to reach us here, we will need a bigger room soon. Again Well done


My penthouse looks something like this slide show. Yeahhhh, baby:


Woo hoo! Welcome on board. When I first stopped smoking, using this fantastic forum, I would look longingly at the 1 Year + section, convinced I would never make it.

Just checked in tonight to celebrate my three-year quit (well, three years and two days!).

In that time:

* I've not smoked 21,598 cigarettes;

* saved £5,744;

* saved 76 days of my life (the best reason of all!)

Can't thank this forum and all you wonderful people on it for giving me my life back.


Well done, glad you made it, feels good doesn't it.


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