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I've made the Penthouse - Yesssssss

Well nearly. I'm posting now just in case i don't get a chance later.

I'm finally here at the door of the Penthouse with my key and i'm totally chuffed to bits.:)

This is my second time i've been here but i won't screw it up again. It's to painful to go through this journey again.

Just a quick recap then.....

Do i miss it?

No i don't

Do i think about it?

Sadly i do sometimes.Please don't let that put you off your quit as i have everything under control. These really are just little passing thoughts mainly triggered by other smokers. I can go days even weeks without thinking about smoking

Do i Crave?

No i don't. I get the odd baby urge and nothing more.

Am i smoke free for ever and ever now?

I would like to think so but again sadly i still have to remain vigilant.It was only on Sunday gone i was having an amazing day(and drunk) when someone offered me a smoke. I seriously considered treating myself but thankfully i resisted. I was angry with myself for nearly accepting the offer.

That's it really. Not much more i can add. I can remember thinking to myself i wish i could wake up and be at the year mark to save all that grief. I don't need to now.

And finally.....

Good luck to all existing quitters or people thinking about it. I'm so much more happy within myself and obviously richer. This ranks as one of my biggest achievements in my life because it isn't easy.

It can be done believe me. I done it twice and should know.:)

Also a massive thanks to all the people on here who have supported me in my quit. There's some truly wonderful posters on here.

Take care all



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Congrats Rouge

We will get the party going so its in full swing for when you arrive at 1:50

Good to see you make it to the penthouse. You will like being here



Congratulations brother. So proud of you for sticking it out through the tough times. Cheers! I raise my glass to you!




That is bloody fantastic Rogue! I am so so pleased for you. It has been a rocky road but that makes it all the more sweet in my eyes. I agree about there being some fantastic people on here and you my friend are one of them. Well done and lets go and have a drink at the bar now.xxxx:)


Way to go Rogue!

I've asked the staff to make sure all the rooms are clean, we've ordered extra champagne, and the pool is sparkling and ready.

Everybody's going to be here to raise a glass and toast your success. Oh, and please don't be offended if you're searched for any tobacco products before you're allowed in. It's just a precaution. They do that to everybody. You understand, right?

Can't wait to see you cross the threshold! :)



Congratulations to Rogue on reaching the Penthouse. :)

It's so great to not be craving cigarettes all the time & it's wonderful to see others achieve that freedom.


Great to hear from you again Rogue, and a huge congratulations on your one-year mark!!!

Also, great to hear you didn't cave in to having a cig. I know it can all change in a flash, and like you I could be tempted at times. The appeal (but not craving) can seem enchanting, but I don't go there. The results could be disastruous and even if it remained the 'only one', I would feel equally annoyed at myself. Best to brush off those thoughts as soon as they appear!

Take care,



Thanks for all the feedback. Some very kinds words in there :)


Congratulations Rogue!

I love it when people reach the penthouse, it's an achievement to be so proud of, it takes commitment and strength. You obviously have tonnes of both :)

Molly x


well done

big well done, great news for all of us , x


Top work, great result!


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