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No Smoking Day
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Approaching penthouse!!

Hi all! I'm ending my 344th day and am pretty psyched about hitting the year mark!! I have to admit it was not pretty getting here but there is absolutely nowhere else I'd rather be!! Thanks for all the support along the way---Wait! I'll save that stuff for my entrance speech when I enter that door!!!!

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Lovely to hear from your Roseanne! :)

SO gald you're still going strong. Only 21 more sleeps and you'll be there. How fantastic is that?

You get your speech prepared and I'm sure Max will be chilling down the bubbly and preparing your suiite.

Well done you!! :)


Thanks Skiddaw & Jenny! I could taste that bubbly it's soooo close!!!


Great to hear that you are still not smoking.

I used to read your first (few :)) early posts and assumed you had either left or started smoking again.

Well done!


Congratulations to you Roseanne :D

You must be so proud.... and relieved lol. You did it!!!!!! YAY!!!!! :):):):)


Lovely to see you so near to the penthouse Roseanne, brilliant well done :) xx


Thanks Donna, Finally, Sherri & Debbie!

I really do appreciate the kind words! I haven't posted frequently because my faithful laptop crashed & I get annoyed too easily with my phone but this forum has been my lifeline throughout this process! I was on here daily (several times a day) the first few months- even before I joined. I just cannot place a value on how much this forum has helped!!


Hi Max414!!

I'm so very looking forward to this mahoosive party & so glad your chuffed!!! Must be tough duty having to greet us newbies all the time with a chilled bottle of bubbly waiting!! I'm almost there!!


Hi Kat73!!

OMG- I felt Britain when I read your post!!!! Turrets & grounds & candles in the chandeliers!!! This has been such a loooong time coming and I can hardly believe that I am exactly two weeks from penthouse!! And I am becoming more and more excited, too!! Dead-chuffed actually (as Max would say)!! I hope you're doing well! I only wish the penthouse was genuine!!


Well done Roseanne

Congratulations your are nearly their. It feels good doesn't it.

Feel proud of yourself.

Quit: 7/9/13:)



Thank you Fleetwood and Karri!! Yes---it does feel great!!!!


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