Nutmeg moves into the Penthouse!

Stop press!!!!!!

Woooooooooohooooooooo Fi (Nutmeg) has made the year with style, with grace, with good humour and so much support for others.

I wanted to be amongst the first to say, Fi. Congratulations, I'm so very proud of you my love. It's been a pleasure and an honour to walk this path with you.

I hope you've got a lovely wee drink in your hand and your feet up and catching up with Haze :D


Molly x

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  • CONGRATULATIONS NUTMEG ! Can't wait to hear about your journey there into the Penthouse ! Well done :)


    THa'ts fab hun, massive well done to you :D :D

  • Wow way to go Fi, never doubted you could do it, god hasn't time flow, one whole year, blimey! Hope you're celebrating in style young lady!!!

  • Wooo weeee


    Welcome to the Penthouse hun


    hope to see you back with us very soon so we can party party party


    sending hugs to you

    Carol x

  • Well done Nutmeg that's awesome :D

  • Yesssss!! Really pleased with this news, massive congratulations Fi, that's a wonderful achievement. Chuffed to bits for you x

  • Yessssssss. 1 year

    Thanks for the Annoucement Posting Molly x

    Absolutely gobsmacked, thrilled, pleased, overwhelmed to have reached the 1 year mark. To be honest these past couple of months have been a struggle, I was a whisker away from letting Mr Silky Cut back into my life. Gee did my mind play tricks, just one won't hurt, aye right enough, I haven't even logged on recently because I was wary it might be a trigger! Moral of my story, never ever be complacent!

    However, as we've all read on these postings hundreds of times over, a cig doesn't help worries go away, nor fix problems, or even make you feel better within yourself, I would imagine it would have only made me feel worse, disappointed, and generally down.

    I have my beautiful loving family, girlfriends, friends, and you guys to thank for the help and unfailing encouragement you have all shown towards me. I am truly grateful to all of you.

    To the newbies, if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO! Baby steps, believe in yourself:)

    Thanks for the congrats everyone.

    Away to a have a celebratory G and T, Ice and Slice, not a lover of champagne!

    Thanks again

    Much love

    Fi xxxx

  • HUGE Congrats on reaching the Penthouse Fi :D

  • Well done Fi, I'm so glad to know you have reached the penthouse. Hope you are enjoying the view.

  • Great stuff. Should be very proud of yourself.

  • Hi Fi, well well done! We have all been waiting for this and I am sooo pleased for you, really pleased. We have all struggled at times but we have got through it, you are not alone. Enjoy your celebrations you deserve them.:)

  • I remember Fi first joining the forum and having some nice chats. Hard to believe that was a year ago.

    Wow!!! I hope you are so very proud of yourself because you certainly deserve to be:D:D:D Keep a spot for me in the penthouse and we can catch up when I get there.

    Well done Mrs!!!!!

  • Wow missed this one.....well done Fi, well deserved ;)

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