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Day 5....


Well i didn't get a chance to pop on over the weekend, but today is that start of Day 5! i was worried over the weekend, thats when the hub is home and the kids and everyones in my face, and there isn't much "structure" to the weekend, but i did great and faced Several of my MAJOR smoking triggers, on purpose to see.. First being beer, i love my beer, im just that kind of Gal, but smokes and beer always go hand in hand for me, well i had like 5 and no problems!! Second was a meal out at a resturant, with people, Big meal, Social setting, and a drink, and caught a wiff of smoke coming off someone while walking out of the resturant, and i didnt break didnt smell good, but it didnt smell bad...i have to say i have managed pretty good all weekend, until the hub and i Disagreed on something and i instantly felt stressed and annoyed, and yes i wanted the smoke, but i also wanted to go outside where i was alone, again the habit of it...but i didnt : )

Heres to the next day!

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Well done for getting through some triggers, you are doing really well.

Really pleased for you Jinx. :)

By the way, it's very nice to know there are forum members from all around the world. I look forward to reading posts from you and Helene in Canada, Itsy in NZ, etc. It's really exciting, like having pen friends when I was little. :D

Day 6..Thank god Day 5 is OVER!!!

So i have been doing super awesome, feeling pretty good, content, sure i get cravings but im not a royal ***** when it happens...Yesterday was a BAD day!! everything had been great, I got my little guy that i watch (i'm a nanny) had a great day with him..He left at normal time, my Two kids got home from school, then the hub, things still im not going to get into the boring details, but i have been trying to get my daughter into the hair dresser before her Bday Wednesday, something keeps happening to make it so it isn't happening! i finally had given into it NOT happening until the weekend and was content with that, tho disappointed..

Hub comes home yesterday and says lets do it tonight, before dinner, we both have time it will work, my daughter was so happy! then it didn't happen for reasons, once again..I tell ya i lost my S***! seriously i was so angry inside, and annoyed, and sad, and i don't even know, i normally am not a really moody person, and if i am you usually can't tell by looking at me, but i was pissed, i wanted a smoke, i was inches away from actually going to have one, even my hub said ok calm down and came to hug me, to help out, and i had to tell him to back off...over such a silly reason?!

i dont recall feeling so horrible and so many emotions at once, ever before.. my head was telling me, ya go smoke, why did you even quit anyhow, whats the point blah blah..but deep down there was a tiny little voice saying hey, go take a hot bath, calm down and see how you feel i did, took me an hour, but i came to my sences and felt like ME again..

then it dawned on me, i didnt actually want the smoke..i just didnt know how to deal with stress, i have always delt with stress since i was 13, by going and lighting a smoke, so, now..i dont know how to porperly deal with amazes me at 34 i felt like a toddler!..

SO far today is good! : ) thanks for listening to me ramble and bitch all.

Hi Jinx

Well done for getting so far, you're doing really well. Keep it up ! :):)

Hey Jinx,

Thats what this forunm is for, come on and rant, get it out of your system. Quitting plays havoc with your emotions and hormones so don't be too hard on yourself. You are doing realy well to get to day 5, always remember that

Hi Jinx

Keep it going quitting smoking really is a roller coaster of emotions isn't it? as doofus said that's when the forum really helps, there will always be someone who has felt or who feels the same as you, good luck x

Rant away Jinx- there isn't anyone here who won't understand and who hasn't been there. :)

Well done girl for holding on and for resorting to a hot bath. It's quite true- a hot bath is nearly always the answer (the alternative answer is usually chocolate. :D)

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